Slipknot unveil 13-minute 'We Are Not Your Kind' era mini-doc

Slipknot unveil 13-minute 'We Are Not Your Kind' era mini-doc

- By Ramon Gonzales

In the vein of 'Welcome to Our Neighborhood' Slipknot's latest visual gives fans an inmate look at the preparation and power of their unmatched live experience, plus a behind the scenes first look at the new record.

Slipknot has released a visceral 13-minute visual that offers fans an intimate, detailed glimpse into the preparation, the power, and the inevitable chaos that ensues whenever the masked nine hit the stage.

Chronicling the band during the thick of their ‘We Are Not Your Kind’ touring cycle, the collection of backstage footage, b-roll, and stylized performance clips paint a vivd picture of the kind of otherworldly experience that is a Slipknot performance.

Interspersed with testimonials from fans offering their personal account of the kind of impact that the band’s music has had on their lives, the presentation takes an artistic approach to the mini-doc and asserts Slipknot’s presence as a force still excelling at peak levels more than two decades in the game.

Presenting a bird’s eye view of the instances often missed by that of fans - the pre-show huddle, the stage walk, and those anticipation-building moments leading up to the curtain drop, the self-directed cut harkens back to the band's cult-level 'Welcome To Our Neighborhood' feature. The masterful collection of visuals showcasing the kinetic energy between the band and their fans reiterates just why Slipknot remain undefeated.

In addition, the band drops their first behind the scenes look at the recording process of the upcoming 7th album.

The 13-minute all-access presentation of Slipknot during the 'We Are Not Your Kind' era touring cycle is available exclusively to members. Fans are encouraged to sign up to access this and more exclusive content from the band - HERE

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