Star Wars Celebration Reveals the Franchise's Next Era and More

Star Wars Celebration Reveals the Franchise's Next Era and More

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

Obi-Wan, The Mandalorian, and a few surprises got the fans riled up at this year's Celebration

Star Wars fans from all over the globe traveled to Anaheim, California this week to take part in Star Wars Celebration, a massive weekend-long celebration that shows the beloved franchise and still alive and going strong. The filmmakers, showrunners, and stars of everything upcoming for the galaxy far, far away were in attendance to showcase it all in person.

The excitement was wild right away with Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen greeting everyone and treating them to an advanced screening of the new six-part series Obi-Wan Kenobi. An Obi-Wan movie has been in demand for a very long time now. Fans will have to settle for a streaming series but with McGregor and Christensen both returning to their roles, it seems rather promising. The series premieres today and runs until the beginning of July.

The next announcement had Diego Luna step into the spotlight. The Rogue One star will reprise his role as ruthless Rebel operative Cassian Andor in his own series as well. Andor will take place five years before the events of Rogue One and will be split into a two-part series, with the first twelve episodes debuting with a two-episode premiere this August. That's a lot of episodes for this day and age, so there must be strong faith in this one. It certainly looks impressive.

Surprisingly, that appears to be it as far as 2022 goes for Star Wars, as the next round of reveals gave the fans a peek at what's coming in 2023 for the franchise. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni appeared next with Rosario Dawson sending over a video message to discuss another series, Ahsoka, which Dawson will star in after initially appearing in The Mandalorian. Mark Hamill and Pedro Pascal will likely pop up in the series as well.

Next up was a teaser for the highly anticipated third season of The Mandalorian, which is not yet available online. Fans in attendance shared that there was an emphasis on Bo-Katan, the Mandalorian leader played by Katee Sackhoff. She and the show's titular hero are reportedly in the middle of fighting each other and it has something to do with Grogu. The series returns in February 2023.

Jon Watts was also in attendance to to share the first details for his Star Wars series. The MCU Spider-Man director will be in charge of Skeleton Crew, which will take place in the same time frame as The Mandalorian. The story will follow young children in the Star Wars universe, which could be a pretty interesting angle if done right. The series will star Jude Law.

Next, none other than Warwick Davis arrived to announce Willow, a series that takes place 20 years after the 1988 film from director Ron Howard. Davis will star along with Erin Kellyman as Jade, Ellie Bamber as Dove, Ruby Cruz as Kit, and Amer Chadha-Patel as Boorman. Together, they are are on journey to rescue Kit’s brother from the forces of evil. The series will premieres November 30th 2022.

Finally, one last pair of guests were in town. In celebration of legendary composer John Williams' 90th birthday, the man himself was there to conduct a song or two along. Harrison Ford showed up as well, with the first official look at the fifth Indiana Jones movie. It's set to release in theaters June 30th 2023. What a day.

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