Stranger Things' Season 4 to Premiere in 2022 - New Teaser and New Footage

Stranger Things' Season 4 to Premiere in 2022 - New Teaser and New Footage

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

Netflix releases a new teaser for the long awaited fourth season of the smash hit series

The Duffer Brothers' Strangers Things became a cultural landmark when its first season premiered on Netflix in the summer of 2016. With its deep love for the films of the 80s, including the work of Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, and John Carpenter (among others), the sci-fi horror series has continued to be a masterful work of drama, terror and excitement throughout its three seasons.

Season 4 was a full month into production when the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to shut down in February of last year. It did not resume shooting until September. Netflix has released a brand new teaser for the highly anticipated season and it confirms that Stranger Things will not return until 2022. If season 4 is released in July, as the first and third seasons were (season 2 came out in October), it will have been a considerably long three years since the world last saw the Hawkins gang.

The teaser shows various moments from all three previous seasons before unveiling brand new footage of Eleven and other characters as it ominously states that "something is coming" and "it is almost here". The new season promises to be the biggest and most terrifying yet, and will seemingly answer many questions regarding Eleven's backstory and the origins of the series' monsters.

Season 4 of 'Stranger Things' will premiere in 2022 on Netflix.
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