Stunning Images from 2000trees showcase one of the UK's most beloved festival experiences

Stunning Images from 2000trees showcase one of the UK's most beloved festival experiences

- By Ramon Gonzales

After a two year hiatus, the return of the indie darling of festivals proved to be a truly momentous event.

While the annual summer gathering at Cheltenham has long been a cherished tradition and one of the UK's most important, independently run mid-level festivals, the reality of withstanding the deathblow of Covid almost flatlined the fest.

Forced to cancel not once, but for two consecutive years, the team behind 2000trees spearheaded a crowdsourcing campaign that reinforced the kind of community at the core of the congregation. The effort saw thousands of donations to the tune of £119,378 in less than 30 days - an initiative that not only allowed organizers the financial bandwidth to fight another day, but reiterated just how unique this festival was - the kind of gathering that mattered less about who was performing and more about the experience overall.

The resilience of organizers, reinforced by the love of the fans that showed their unwavering supporting during the darkest of times, added a heightened sense of celebration over the fest's four day stretch. In addition to a performance bill that was among the strongest and most diverse to date, the fans that convened on the grounds once again fully embraced the ethos of the indie fest and exemplified how community and concert culture can intersect in remarkable ways.

See the celebration capture by photographers Gareth Bull, Jez Pennington, Joe Singh, and Mac Praed.




Dinosaur Pile-Up

Photo by Gareth Bull

Holding Absence

Jimmy Eat World

Can't Swim


Photos by Joe Singh

The Get-Up Kids



Photos by Gareth Bull


Rolo Tomassi


Slow Crush

Bob Vylan


Photo by Gareth Bull

Boston Manor

Kenny Hoopla

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Photos by Gareth Bull

Laura Jane Grace

Young Guns


Knocked Loose

Angel Dust

Higher Power

Photos by Jez Pennington

Mannequin Pussy


Twin Atlantic

Deez Nuts

Blood Command

Nova Twins

2000trees: The Experience

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