SYFY's Metal Crush Monday closes out with Corey Taylor, Jonathan Davis, and Wendy Dio

SYFY's Metal Crush Monday closes out with Corey Taylor, Jonathan Davis, and Wendy Dio

- By Ramon Gonzales

Taylor delves into the parallels between horror cinema and metal music and how his love for the genre began early.

The SYFY Channel closes out their #MetalCrushMonday series this evening with a broadcast of Rob Zombie's adaptation the horror classic, Halloween.

Coupled with the film, SYFY's MCM host Whitney Moore checks in with for a discussion with the ambassador of metal music and horror film imagery in frontman Corey Taylor.

The conversation naturally included Taylor's ongoing rollout for this solo debut slated for this Fall in CMFT. Taylor would also go on to detail how horror actually came before music, recalling that his first memory was fittingly seeing the trailer of the original, John Carpenter version of Halloween.

In discussion the parallels between horror cinema and the metal music, Taylor explains that the little bit of crazy that exists in everyone is what allows the craziness in the music and movies to resonate so universally. Poignantly, Taylor added that there is something about being able to explore the darkness in the art that helps everyone to deal with the darkness that exists in real life.

The frontman would go on to explore creativity of 80's horror and how operating with thin budgets really nurtured the ingenuity that made the era great. Taylor would go on to correlate a contemporary iteration of that in a film like Wolfcop.

Taylor would also detail his involvement in the 80's horror documentary In Search of Darkness. What began as a contribution to the Kickstarter campaign to get the film made ultimately led to Taylor becoming a big part of the project going onto be involved with the second installment of the documentary.

The conversation would touch on everything from Taylor's love of the narrative the drives professional wrestling, to his extensive film collection and his love of science-fiction, to his kinship with special effects master Tom Savini.

Catch up with Corey Taylor as well as Jonathan Davis and Wendy Dio all before getting your Monday night horror fix on the SYFY Channel.
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