Terrifer 2 unveils official teaser and it's bloody as hell

Terrifer 2 unveils official teaser and it's bloody as hell

The follow up to the the 2016 slasher phenomenon Terrifier has it's first teaser trailer and it certainly lives up to it's name.

Art the Clown almost instantly became part of the conversation of memorable horror characters when the film started reaching wider audiences in 2018. In fact, the film had such a popular following, the second in the series was funded by a successful IndieGoGo campaign that exceeded the financial goal by over 400%.

It should be noted the the initial film had a modest budget of all of $100,000. Writer, producer, director Damien Leone has managed to create what looks to be a franchise from very humble beginnings.

Terrifier 2's first visual seems to pickup the storyline from the first film with Art the Clown leaving the morgue that was supposed to have his deceased body. The remaining footage of the teaser showcases plenty of violence, blood, and even a flame thrower as Art returns to ravage more victims.

No additional info has been made public but the teaser should definitely pique the interest of over-the-top horror fans. Watch below.

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