The Bronx debut "Mexican Summer" and team with Dogtown icon Craig Stecyk for a limited edition skateboard

The Bronx debut "Mexican Summer" and team with Dogtown icon Craig Stecyk for a limited edition skateboard

- By Ramon Gonzales

The final single release ahead of the release of Bronx VI sees the LA-punks showcase their SoCal heritage in a joint project with the pioneer integral in making skate and surf culture a global movement.

Staring down the homestretch of the release of Bronx VI on August 27th and the beginning of their U.S. summer run of tour dates with Rancid and Dropkick Murphys, The Bronx have shared the final single release in the series collaborative drops.

As with each previous single release from the album, the band has teamed with like-minded artists - icons in their respective fields including the likes of Estevan Oriol, DabsMyla, Brian Montoiri and Jeremy Dean to launch an art companion - giving each single its own tangible shine.

For the finale, The Bronx have joined with skate icon Craig Stecyk, founder of the famous Zephyr Surfshop that originated the skate team that cultivated the Dogtown movement and gave rise to the Z-Boys for a limited-edition skateboard.

“I’ve known The Bronx since ’02 and have always been intrigued by both their sound and their demonic deconstructivist work ethic,” says Stecyk in an exclusive interview with Venice-based Juice Magazine. We have interacted on various collaborative aesthetic/acoustic efforts over the years. The skate in question is the logical extrapolation of too much time spent hanging together. In the cartel’s motor home, which is affectionately known as Baked Goods, monotony inspired all and fandangos are endemic.”

As for the single itself, frontman Matt Caughthran explains the inspiration at the core of the track and why it perfectly punctuates the series of singles. Musically and lyrically, ‘Mexican Summer” is the most The Bronx has ever directly influenced by Mariachi el Bronx. The feel and groove of the song speak to you in rhythm, as the story of one man’s paradise lost burns violently into the night.”

The Bronx are set to join Rancid and the Dropkick Murphys starting Aug. 10 in Minnesota for U.S. summer tour that extends until Oct. 16 at The Shrine in Los Angeles. During that run, The Bronx will also make appearances at this year’s Riot Fest (Sept. 18) and Punk Rock Bowling festivals (Sept. 25).

The Bronx VI arrives via Cooking Vinyl on August 27th. Pre-order the album - HERE
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