The Fight Begins in the First Trailer for 'Halo The Series'

The Fight Begins in the First Trailer for 'Halo The Series'

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

The live-action series will premiere next year and it looks massive.

A live-action series based on the Halo video game and media franchise has been in the works for years, passing by the desks of various filmmakers like Neill Blomkamp and Ridley Scott and Peter Jackson. Fans had seemingly given up hope of ever seeing their favorite supersoldier take on the insurmountable alien threat of the Covenant in live-action glory.

But now, with the release of the latest acclaimed game entry Halo Infinite (which has been deemed a revival of sorts of the franchise), the stage is set for those pipe dreams to finally be realized. Paramount+ will premiere the long-awaited Halo The Series in 2022.

"Dramatizing an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant, Halo the series will weave deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future."

The series is being produced by Showtime with 343 Industries. Steven Spielberg acts as an executive producer through his company Amblin Television, and has Pablo Schreiber (The Wire, Orange is the New Black, American Gods) star as Master Chief alongside Jen Taylor as the AI Cortana, reprising her role from the games, and Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, the creator of the Spartan soldiers. Bokeem Woodbine, Shabana Azmi, Bentley Kalu, Natasha Culzac, Kate Kennedy, Danny Sapani, Olive Gray, and Charlie Murphy will also star.

Check out the first look trailer below:
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