The First Killer Trailer for the 'Chucky' Series is Here

The First Killer Trailer for the 'Chucky' Series is Here

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

The original creator and stars of the Child's Play franchise return to present Chucky in new gruesome ways

The world's most famous murderous doll is set to make a triumphant comeback this October on USA and SYFY. Brad Dourif returns to voice Chucky once again in an upcoming series from franchise creator Don Mancini, which he promises will be perfectly in line tone-wise with his previous Child's Play films.

The main character is a 14 year-old artist (played by Zackary Arthur) named Jake who's grappling with the death of his mother as well as merciless bullying at school. He finds Chucky at a yard sale with the intent to use parts of him for a sculpture, and the quaint American town Jake lives in is thrown into chaos after a series of horrifying murders begin to expose the town's deep hypocrisies and hidden secrets.

The series will also dig into Chucky's past and his mysterious origins like never before. Original Child's Play star Alex Vincent, who also stars in the show, had this to say: “For me, it’s just been wild that I started this when I was six years old, and I just turned 40, and I’m gonna be Andy again in my life. People who grew up with Chucky, there’s a lot in the show they are going to be very excited to uncover about these characters. They’ve been waiting for the really dark feel and some really gruesome, gory deaths, and this show is chock full of those. And for newer fans, it’s a little more developed in why he is the way he is. It’s really shown in a real creative way. Still as dark as ever, but we get to kind of see Chucky in a different light and what he gets out of interacting with people.”

'Chucky' premieres October 12th exclusively on USA and SYFY.
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