The Gimme Metal Vinyl Club revisits YOB's doom masterpiece in 'Clearing The Path To Ascend'

The Gimme Metal Vinyl Club revisits YOB's doom masterpiece in 'Clearing The Path To Ascend'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The latest installment in the monthly curation of heavy essentials feature the 2014 instant classic from the practitioners of Pacific Northwest Doom.

The monthly curation from the cultural aficionados at Gimme Metal via the Gimme Metal Vinyl Club continues their streak of essential installments - this tine around revisiting the Pacific Northwest doom of genre innovators, YOB.

The band's 2014 studio effort, Clearing The Path To Ascend, ranks among the band's finest submissions securing spots on various 'Best Of' lists from the year and propelling the band into the greater conversation of music - outside the spectrum of solely metal. A relatively recent offering, the album typifies Gimme Metal's assertion of albums that have earned classic status without needing to exist for ages before receiving such recognition.

Bri Thomas of Gimme Metal penned the album's introduction into Gimme Metal's growing collection of mandatory metal albums.

"YOB is a band everyone on the Gimme team loves, not just because of the fantastic music they make, but because they are a solid group of guys. We backed one of their tours in 2018, we’ve had them on the airwaves to host two guest DJ specials and we featured them on our monthly ‘Gimme 5’ show back when Our Raw Heart dropped. We knew we needed to do a YOB release for the vinyl club, and Clearing The Path To Ascend was a no-brainer. To celebrate, Mike Scheidt sat down with Gimme’s Jim Santanella to discuss the album in-depth for the 'Between the Lines' show, and you can catch that interview in video form on GimmeTV in the Gimme Metal app - HERE

Clearing The Path To Ascend is one of the highest acclaimed albums of YOB's discography, containing sinister melodies, out-of-this-world riffing, and bone-chilling harmonies. Clearing The Path To Ascend is a paramount piece of doom metal that everyone should have in their collection!

Brian Turner, Director of Programming at Gimme Radio added, 'Without doubt, the Oregon-based trio YOB have ascended to being a favorite for fans of the mystical, spirituality-infused doom found in such legendary groups as Pentagram and Black Sabbath. This 2014 LP 'Clearing the Path to Ascend' is an especially great example in their canon: a surging, psychedelic cauldron of ambiance, crushingly slow-burn riffage from Mike Scheidt, and pathclearing to higher mind over four dense passages. When Alan Watts announces "it's time to wake up" in the album's opener, you are most assured YOB came to uplift. This record is an electric awakening for sure.'

The final day to sign up for this Gimme Metal Vinyl Club release is July 26, 2021 and the exclusive Translucent Gold with Gold, Silver and Aqua Blue Splatter variant is targeted for release on August 15th, 2021. Get the details - HERE.
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