The Knotfest Beer Pit April playlist

- By Ramon Gonzales

Bridging the worlds of craft beer and heavy music, cicerone Adam Zuniga of The Six Most Metal Breweries curates a beer drinking playlist guaranteed to quench your thirst.

The recently launched KNOTFEST Beer Pit is a monthly curated collection of some of the best quality crafted beers from across the country - all of which boast an element of edge that resonates well with greater culture of heavy music.

Personally selected by advanced cicerone Adam Zuniga of The Six Most Metal Breweries, each month's collection of beer is held to a high standard of excellence and presents a snapshot of the kind of craftsmanship that goes into everything KNOTFEST. Not to mention, the beer is chiefly crushable.

To better bridge the worlds of heavy culture and craft brewing, Zuniga connected with the brewers from Stone, Unibroue, Nightmare and Wake Brewing to explain the personal parallels between their passion for beer and their appreciation of heavy music.

Of course, beer is always best consumed with great tunes and in that spirit, Zuniga has also flexed his versatility by figuring out which songs pair best with each can being featured in the April installment of the Knotfest Beer Pit. Below, is the complete list of tracks that were put together to form the April edition of the Knotfest Beer Pit Playlist. Boasting cuts from underground stalwarts like Brujeria and living legends like Megadeth, the brews and tunes are intended to go hand in hand.

The April edition of the KNOTFEST Beer Pit is available for order - HERE

The official KNOTFEST Beer Pit Playlist is available to stream - HERE

Megadeth Saison 13

1. Megadeth - "13"

2. Megadeth - "A Tout Le Monde"

3. Megadeth - "Head Crusher"

4. Megadeth - "Melt The Ice Away"

Stone Buenaveza Lager

1. Brujería - "Brujerizmo"

2. Psychostick - "Beer!"

3. Stone Sour - "The Bitter End"

Nightmare Drawn & Quartered

1. High On Fire - "Hung, Drawn and Quartered"

2. Shadow Of Intent - "The Mausoleum Of Liars"

3. Iwrestledabearonce - "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon"

Wake Hand Of Doom

1. Black Sabbath - "Hand Of Doom"

2. Wake - "Paradigm Lost"

3. Bongzilla - "Cosmic Distillate, Nectar Collector"

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