The Knotfest Beer Pit Vol. 2: Heavy Drinkin'

The Knotfest Beer Pit Vol. 2: Heavy Drinkin'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The April edition of the Knotfest Beer Club features a killer collection of suds ranging from an Imperial IPA, a Mexican lager, a stout, and Megadeth's farmhouse ale, Saison 13.

The second installment of the monthly beer club spearheaded by Knotfest has arrived and once again, Advanced Cicerone® Adam Zuniga, host of The Six Most Metal Breweries, has curated a killer collection of four different beers from four different breweries all of which are respected purveyors of finely crafted suds.

In addition to the beers, members of the Knotfest Beer Pit will also gain access to virtual tasting events with the head brewers as well as exclusive gifts from breweries to make for a killer care package delivered right to your door every month.

For volume two, the assortment of cans include a bold Imperial IPA, a quenchable Mexican lager, a kickass stout, and Megadeth's highly sought Farmhouse Ale Saison 13. Check the featured beers below.

The March Box of the KNOTFEST BEER PIT ships the week of April 12th, 2021. Each package comes with 8 cans in total, two (2) of the same beer from four (4) different breweries.

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