The trailer for Michael Bay's pandemic film 'Songbird' has arrived

The trailer for Michael Bay's pandemic film 'Songbird' has arrived

- By Ramon Gonzales

The controversial film is set in the 214th week of quarantine in a dystopian 2024 where the world is at the mercy of an evolving Covid-23 virus.

The first look at the Michael Bay-produced pandemic film Songbird has seemingly added to the controversial nature of the upcoming release.

Already being labeled as exploitation cinema, the consensus is that Bay and director Adam Mason are exhibiting an inability to read the room in making a film about a pandemic while an actual pandemic is currently gripping the world.

Starring Demi Moore, Bradley Whitford, Paul Walter Hauser, Craig Robinson, Peter Stormare and Alexandra Daddario, Songbird was the very first film that was granted permission to film in Los Angeles after Covid-protocol shut down all production across the industry.

The plot depicts a love story between Nico (played by K.J. Apa) and Sara (played by Sofia Carson) as they struggle to navigate martial law, quarantine camps, and a very Mad Max-esque Los Angeles landscape. For an indication of the kind of exaggerated depiction showcased in the film, a electronic billboard shows more than 8 million deaths in the year from the Covid-23 virus that now attacks the brain of those it infects.

The problem with the film is that at the moment, the United States is currently moving towards 230,000 actual casualties from Covid-19 and white art often imitates life, art usually has some tact in it's depiction.

There is currently no additional information with regards to release date, however, it looks as though the film will see an early 2021 premiere. Wacth the trailer for Songbird below.

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