Lamb of God studio album Bracket Challenge: 'Ashes of the Wake' Vs. 'Lamb of God' - vote for your favorite

Lamb of God studio album Bracket Challenge: 'Ashes of the Wake' Vs. 'Lamb of God' - vote for your favorite

- By Ramon Gonzales

With the band's mammoth 'Live In Richmond' live album and concert film just days away, we revisit Lamb of God's timeless discography to find which album remains the fan favorite above all others.

With Lamb of God's landmark 'Live In Richmond' concert film and live LP due on March 26th, the latest Knotfest bracket challenge is revisiting the band's teflon catalog that has become a fixture in the lexicon of heavy music.

Similar to the Slipknot Bracket Challenge, each of the band's albums has been pitted against one another to whittle down the one album that remains at the very top of the fans' collective favorite.

Following the first week of voting, Lamb of God's 2020 self-titled record edged out their debut in New American Gospel. As the Palaces Burn goes fell short to the band's 2015, VII: Sturm Und Drang.

In the bottom half of the bracket, Ashes of the Wake knocked off the band's sixth LP, Resolution. Rounding out the final four of Lamb of God's Bracket Challenge, 2006's Sacrament bumped off 2009's Wrath.

The second week of voting narrowed down the remaining field of albums to just two, with the seminal 'Ashes of the Wake' along with the band's most recent self-titled effort, advancing to the fan-fueled finale.

Fans are encouraged to submit their votes daily. Votes will continued to be tallied through Saturday March 20th, with the next round of albums advancing, announced on Mondays throughout the month of March.

Lamb of God's 'Live In Richmond' arrives March 26th and includes a deluxe edition of the band's 2020 self-titled LP featuring the bonus tracks “Ghost Shaped People” and “Hyperthermic/Accelerate”.

The release captures the band’s incendiary live performance from the their global streaming event. Delivering a live translation of the self-titled album in full, the band also gave fans a four songs encore that included “Ruin,” “Contractor,” “512,” and the live debut of “The Death Of Us,” a new track the band conceptualized and completed in quarantine for the Bill & Ted Face The Music soundtrack.

Watch the recently debuted live video of "Memento Mori" from the band's Live In Richmond concert DVD below.

Pre-order Lamb of God the Deluxe Edition featuring the Live In Richmond CD/DVD - HERE

Submit your vote for the KNOTFEST x Lamb of God Bracket Challenge - HERE

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