Wargasm Navigate the Highs and Lows of Life On the Road

Wargasm Navigate the Highs and Lows of Life On the Road

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Knotfest Original Series One Day... joins Sam Matlock and Milkie Way of Wargasm for an all access look at a day in the life while out on tour supporting Corey Taylor.

2023 has been nothing short of a breakout year for the duo of Milkie Way and Sam Matlock. As Wargasm, the tandem have struck a chord with a unique cross-section of fans that find the fun in indulging the hostility of heavy music. Stylistically aligned with the resurgence of nu-metal's modern era, the band's brand of audio brash is one that as loud as its layered, methodical as it is maniacal. 

Capturing that lightning in a bottle nightly, the band have been married to the road, touring relentlessly throughout the year in support of their debut full length, Venom. Trekking internationally and shifting from their own headlining plays, to supporting runs opening for the likes of Corey Taylor, to a consistent slate of festival appearances, Wargasm's itinerary has been non-stop and that is just the way the duo prefers it. 

For the Knotfest original series One Day... cameras followed both Milkie and Sam to document the reality of life on the road for a working class band. Pulling up the brakes for a set in the heartland of America while out with Corey Taylor, the band pulls back the curtain giving fans a look at everything from their show prep routine to their tour bus complete with a French bordello motif. 

The feature offers an intimate glimpse into the world of Wargasm, framing not only the band's incendiary live set, but the more intimate moments that underscore the duo as people, apart from the onstage persona. Cameras capture moments like Sam and Milkie candidly assessing a set that felt a bit hostile - comparing that to what it was like to break the record for crowd surfers while headlining in Glasgow. 

Cameras also captured unfiltered testimonials that reveal more about the peaks and valleys of being a touring musician. For Sam, controlling the surge of adrenaline that becomes part of your daily routine while on the road is something that he finds difficult to turn off - but has proven essential when it comes to taking Wargasm to the next level live. 

From late night post-show DJ sets to performing next to Fred Durst to connecting with the kind of fans that love both Lamb of God and Scissor Sisters - THIS is One Day with Wargasm.

 Watch the full episode filmed and directed by @Ras_Visual - HERE


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