Watch a Deleted Scene from Arkham Asylum That Was Cut from 'The Batman'

Watch a Deleted Scene from Arkham Asylum That Was Cut from 'The Batman'

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

A certain villain gets a moment in the spotlight.

Matt Reeves' dark and brooding take on the number one dark and brooding superhero of all time has been met with widespread acclaim and plenty of box office cash since its release only a few weeks ago. The Batman tells a sprawling noir tale of a younger caped crusader than audiences are used to (played by Robert Pattinson) as he takes on the corrupt mob bosses of Gotham and a scheming serial killer calling himself The Riddler (Paul Dano) with the help of a fellow vigilante named Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz).

The movie clocks in at around three hours, so it might be surprising to learn that even with that kind of lengthy runtime there were still plenty of scenes and footage that ended up on the cutting room floor. One such sequence has now been released online, which features Batman early on in his efforts to figure out the identity of Riddler. He journeys to the infamous Arkham Asylum, hoping that a certain inmate he has a past with will be able to help. That inmate just so happens to be the Batman villain and one of the most iconic comic book characters of all time - The Joker.

There's been no shortage of actors delivering their own unique takes on the character these past few years, and the latest to step into the clown prince of crime's shoes is none other than Eternals star Barry Keoghan. Keoghan has more than proved his remarkable acting chops in films like The Killing of a Sacred Deer or even in smaller roles like Dunkirk and The Green Knight, and he makes Joker all his own in the brief scene we see him in here.

Keoghan's Joker can be seen talking to Riddler at the end of The Batman, teasing the possibility of the two villains teaming up for a future installment in Reeves' newly established Batman universe. This deleted scene makes that moment flow just a bit better and gives us a much better look at the disturbing design choice for what Joker looks like. It's pretty gnarly. Check out the scene below.

'The Batman' is now playing in theaters.
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