Watch the Trailer for What Nicolas Cage Calls His Wildest Movie Yet, 'Prisoners of the Ghostland'

Watch the Trailer for What Nicolas Cage Calls His Wildest Movie Yet, 'Prisoners of the Ghostland'

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

Nicolas Cage battles ninjas, ghosts, samurais and much more in his upcoming action flick

Originally premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono's Prisoners of the Ghostland seems to truly understand how to harness the innate chaotic energy of Nicolas Cage. The eclectic actor plays a notorious criminal named Hero who is sent to rescue the governor's daughter. She's disappeared into a dark supernatural universe (as one does) and to escape the nightmare world, Hero must break the evil curse controlling the mysterious Ghostland.

The film is a completely bizarre mashup of a wide range of different genres and influences. Everything from Westerns to fantasy to neo-noir to horror to martial arts films can be found in Prisoners of the Ghostland. Filmed entirely in Japan yet marking Sono's first English-language feature, it's also a blend of Eastern and Western styles. It's unbridled creativity at its finest with impeccable costumes, production design, and ambitious practical effects.

Hero is strapped into a leather suit that will self-destruct within five days if he doesn’t find the missing girl, giving the film a ticking clock element as well. There are multiple small bombs on the suit that can be set off at any moment, and uh...two of those are attached to a certain pair of precious bits in Hero's nether regions. Check out the trailer to one of the most bizarre and delightful movies you're ever likely to witness.

'Prisoners of the Ghostland' premieres in theaters and video on demand September 17th.
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