Wicked Craniums bridges the metaverse with real-world utility in a revolutionary partnership with 5B Artists & Media

Wicked Craniums bridges the metaverse with real-world utility in a revolutionary partnership with 5B Artists & Media

- By Ramon Gonzales

The partnership begins an unprecedented era of real-world implications for in the Web3 space including access to over 50 ‘real world’ music festivals and concert events around the globe annually as well as a host of exclusive music-related events within the metaverse.

At the forefront of Web3 and the culture surrounding the NFT market, Wicked Craniums, a subdivision of Reckless Labs, has further cemented their position as a creative flagbearer, bridging the world of music and metaverse with the announcement of a gamechanging partnership.

Forging ahead with a new ally in the space of heavy music and culture, Wicked Craniums announced their global campaign with industry leading banner 5B Artists & Media - the managerial arm representing generational artists such as Slipknot, Megadeth, Lamb Of God, Trivium, The Distillers, King Diamond and many others.

Cultivating a much more ominous aesthetic in relation to other NFT projects, Wicked Craniums has build their iconography on their signature Skull, of which serves as the name for the holders that make up the associated metaverse community. These "Skulls" congregate on The Island of Osseous, the digital real estate established in the Sandbox. Serving as the Web3 hub for the community, Skulls will have access to a host of events and broadcasts of live shows. Eventually, the Island of Osseous will be incorporated into much larger music festival grounds currently being developed by RECKLESS LABS.

It's that underlining emphasis of real-world utility, in addition to Wicked Craniums' unrivaled look and feel, that sets them apart in traversing the new, infinite world of Web3. Launched last year, the project sold out all 10,762 unique NFTs as the antithesis to the world dominated by buzzwords and influencers. Reiterating the notion of community and reinforcing a digital space of congregation with music as common denominator, the Skulls galvanize as a modern iteration of the tribe.

The newly-cemented partnership with 5B Artists & Media begins a march towards unprecedented utility on the NFT market which will include access to over 50 ‘real world’ music festivals and concert events around the globe annually as well as a host of exclusive music-related events within the metaverse.

Wicked Cranium mastermind Caruso details how the project exists in a league of their own. "While the majority of the OG NFT projects from the first 2021 wave have focused on gaming and DAOs (Decentralized autonomous organizations), these are high risk, low probability plays that are intrinsically tied to the swings of the crypto market. Wicked Craniums has been built to outlast any crypto cycle and carved out a never before seen utility that provides insanely unique IRL value."

Caruso further details the real world implications of what Wicked Craniums is cultivating, "On top of everything this brings now, it's huge for where we are going to be over the next 5 years when the metaverse is mainstream, and the Wicked Craniums ecosystem is your ticket. Most projects are struggling to conceptualise what the next few years look like but we have years of work ahead of us developing token gated metaverse festivals, NFT ticketing, and more for our partners. There is nothing like Wicked Craniums. Also If I may be blunt, we're not cute like a lot of other PFP projects from the early wave, we're f**king skulls.”

The announcement of the partnership with 5B further speaks to Wicked Craniums grand design to bridge music and the metaverse. Having already spearheaded projects in tandem with the likes of Steve Aoki, Matt Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold), Marshmello, Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold), Joel Madden and Benji Madden (Good Charlotte), Clown, and Dave Mustaine, the next step for the Web3 trailblazers is one that further works to materialize the full potential of the new digital frontier.

Caruso shares how having a like-minded ally in the music industry like 5B does further both aligns with and further empowers Wicked Craniums vision. "When we say this step embeds us in the music industry for the long term, we mean we have a lot of work cut out for us for the foreseeable future. Part of what makes this and coming partnerships so exciting is the symbiotic aspect. The 5B team has worked hand in hand managing the careers and brands of some of the most long standing and influential artists as well as multiple successful merchandise, food and beverage and cannabis brands. Additionally, Cory Brennan and the 5B team co-founded the global heavy music festival, Knotfest, with events in over 12 countries. In the past two years Knotfest launched as an alternative culture website, Knotfest.com, and recently announced the development of Knotverse as a partnership with The Sandbox. On top of everything they’ve done in the music industry...they’re straight degens too. We connected with them more than anyone else we spoke to. Their passion for 3.0 and understanding of the impact it will have on the music industry has us incredibly excited to carry out our vision together.”

5B Artists & Media founder Cory Brennan weighed in on the changing landscape of the industry and how the partnership is indicative of an evolving space that commands adaptability. “Wicked Craniums is a world-class NFT Project run by some of the smartest, most passionate driven creatives I’ve had the pleasure to meet and spend time with. I was instantly drawn to the art, community and culture they curated. I knew 5B needed to be involved. I’ve worked with some of the most creative long standing musical artists, festivals and brands on the planet and am happy to bring my expertise and relationships to Wicked Craniums and Reckless Labs."

Brennan adds how the ideology of the brand is what made the decision to partner the right fit. "Wicked Craniums checks all the boxes for me; amazing art, robust community culture, and a passionate, dedicated team that are determined to win. I am ecstatic about our new partnership. I and 5B have been building brands for over 25 years and our track record speaks for itself. I look forward to meeting my fellow Skulls at NFT NYC later this month.”

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