Zack Snyder and Netflix unveil updated trailer for 'Army of The Dead'

Zack Snyder and Netflix unveil updated trailer for 'Army of The Dead'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The latest clip features everything from evolved zombies to a tiger that has crossed over to the undead.

It would seem as though director Zack Snyder just can't miss. Still in the thick of the excitement stemming from his universally praised Snyder Cut of his Justice League epic, the autuer is looking ahead to his next premiere in the genre mashing Zombie/Heist flick in Netflix's 'Army of The Dead'.

The film is slated to hit select theaters on May 14th and will hit Netflix just one week later. Written by Snyder, Shay Hatten, and Joby Harold, the film not only ambitiously fuses two of Hollywood's staple genres, it also takes creative liberties with the familiar tropes of each. As reported by Bloody Disgusting, Snyder discussed how this zombie film aims to showcase a new take on the genre.

“We have two categories of zombies in the movie,” Snyder explained. “The Alphas and the Shamblers. Our Alphas are the evolved version of zombies, they’ve taken another step. They’re much faster, and we kind of treat them like wolves… they’re sentient. They kind of fight in packs, and kind of have a pack mentality.”

Another aspect of the film that departs from the traditional zombie film is the inclusion of animals into the world of the undead. In the latest trailer, a zombie tiger surfaces and that opens up the possibilities considering the backdrop of the film is Las Vegas. “Zombie animals were going to be part of it. The only creatures immune from the zombie virus are birds,” Snyder detailed, which clearly suggests that a tiger might not be the only undead animal we see on the screen.

'Army of The Dead' revolves around Scott Ward played by Dave Bautista. When propositioned by a casino owner to retrieve 200-million in a Vegas vault before the government nukes Vegas to ride the world a zombie invasion, Ward assembles a team of renegades to take on the undead and pull off the ultimate heist.

Watch the updated trailer for Zack Snyder's Netflix epic, 'Army of the Dead' below.

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