Zilla of City Morgue shares his essential list of realistic horror flicks

Zilla of City Morgue shares his essential list of realistic horror flicks

- By Ramon Gonzales

The collection of films runs the gamut from the cult-classics to the cinematically controversial.

For his contributions in City Morgue, Zillakami has a well-established track record of being able to capture the grim realities of life in song. The group's August release, Toxic Boogaloo, serves as yet another example the unit's ability to not only work outside the limitations of genre, but to deliver a unique brand of lyrical heft that real, raw, and raucous.

Adding yet another glimpse into the psyche of one of hip-hop's most inventive and intriguing personalities, Zilla has shared his collection cinematic musts that are among his most memorable.

For most, the horror genre consists of masked men, exaggerated monsters, and maybe even the romance of the occult - for Zilla however, horror can be found in the especially heinous acts that exist in humanity.

Check the heavy list below.


This 2008 French film directed by Pascal Laugier focuses on two women who where the victims of childhood abuse. They set out on a bloody quest for revenge in a film that indulges in realistic depravity.



Set on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, a prosecutor returns home to be with her dying father. While there, she experiences instances of the supernatural that reconnect her with her cultural identity.



When it comes to the horror genre, few directors have the notoriety of Takashi Miike. This Japanese film centers around a widower that uses a fake audition setting as a screening service to begin dating again. Though there is a match, things are not what they seem to be and the climatic ending is the stuff of legend.



This highly controversial film features one of the most grotesque rape scenes in the history of cinema. The tale of violence and revenge is told in reverse and is one of those types of films that can't be unseen once experienced.


The Void

This visually engaging film depicts a small group of hostages at the mercy of a fully-cloaked cult and terrifying creatures. The captives are held up in a hospital that actually serves as the gateway to hell.



In a word - fucked. A former gynecologist that used to perform abortions becomes renowned for making dumplings that are said to be youth rejuvenating. A once beautiful woman learns of her husband's infidelity and wants to regain her looks and his affection.

What's the secret ingredient in these miracle dumplings - take a guess.



A true classic. Kevin Spacey as a serial killer that believes he is benevolently massacring people that personify the seven deadly sins is the kind of real life horror that remains terrifying to this day.


Bone Tomahawk

This western depicts a sheriff and a posse that set out to rescue a woman that is abducted by a clan of indigenous cave dwellers that turn out to be cannibals.


Funny Games

The 1997 original release is directed by Michael Haneke is a psychological thriller set at a lakeside vacation home. The unassuming family is out on holiday when they are greeted and then eventually held hostage in the home by a pair of sadistic teenage boys that torture and humiliate the family.


Freaks is a supernatural tale of an isolated seven year-old who finds out she has with telepathic powers. After escaping the clutches of her overbearing father, she uses her ability to free the mother she thought was long dead.

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