Author, teacher and podcaster Pam Grossman translates the real-life magic of being a witch

Author, teacher and podcaster Pam Grossman translates the real-life magic of being a witch

- By Ramon Gonzales

Addressing the stigma of the word and the misconceptions of the practices, Pam Grossman details the reality of being a witch and the magic that exists in being a conduit between the physical and invisible world.

The most recent episode of clown's Electric Theater welcomed author, teacher, podcaster and witch, Pam Grossman.

The conversation began with addressing that word “witch,” particularly how Grossman felt about it and how she navigates the stigma associated with it. Though she acknowledged that the word likely had some negative connotations linked to it, her reality was that the word is symbolic people that have a connection with a feminine energy and the potential to affect change in the world in some capacity. For Grossman, “witch” is indicative of people that are progressive, rebellious, free-thinkers that channel positive energy.

To better understand the traditions and practices of a witch, clown would dig into the details of just what that entails for Grossman. Explaining that Paganism is at the core of her practices, she confirmed that being a part of a Coven and casting spells are all very real aspects of her life. She would reiterate how ideals like rebellion and resistance, and a sort of kinship with the oppressed and ostracized, are all aspects that are fundamental to the identity of a witch.

Finding an intersection with magic and art, Grossman and clown would reach an interesting premise early in the conversation that asserted that magic makers and art markers are essentially tapping into the same energy to create. Finding parallels in the rituals or ceremony and the rituals of performance, the musician and the witch found some compelling common ground.

It’s a cliche for a reason, but with great power, comes great responsibility. Addressing that idea, clown would delve into how Grossman utilizes her abilities in a way that at least acknowledges responsible practice. Grossman would go onto explain that the extent of her action is less about harming other people as a means of restriction but rather, using her power to nurture herself and build immunity to some degree. Grossman uses magic as a means of defense, not as an offensive.

Interested in how someone taps into this kind of ability, clown pursued a line of questions that explored just how Grossman came to become aware of her ability. Grossman would go onto detail how she always had a very nurturing childhood with parents that always allowed her to not only be herself but encouraged her to remain in tune with her sort of otherworldly intuition. She confided that because she was never mad to feel like she was getting to old to indulge her fascination, she was able to explore that more and ultimately have it become a very integral part of her life.

Grossman would go onto include another word in the conversation that played an important role in addressing the totality of a witch. Underscoring the importance of somatic energy, Grossman discussed how channeling and shifting energy isn’t limited to the metaphysical and magic but rather an understanding of the body and how that energy can manifest through music, through movement, through sex - whatever generates energy and shifts consciousness.

The crux of the conversation really seemed to revolve around the magic that is being able to bridge the material world with the more mystical world. Contrasting the pre-conceived notions of spells and rituals with the idea of being a fully functional, practical, contributing member of society seems undeservingly at odds - these aren't mutually exclusive paths. Grossman would underscore that by explaining that up until 5 years ago, she had a very successful role in corporate America but found herself unfulfilled with leading a sort of double life.

Dispelling the notion that witches are people that live aloof to the reality of the physical world, Grossman talked about how witches pay mortgages and manage responsibilities - they are practical people that happen to have a unique awareness. As it pertains to her personal story, her passion to pursue her connection with the invisible world and integrate that energy into the fabric of the physical world is the metric of magic that matters to Grossman most.

Listen to the complete conversation with author, teacher, podcaster, and witch, Pam Grossman on The Electric Theater below.

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