Daniel P. Carter of BBC Radio 1 Steps Into The Electric Theater with clown of Slipknot

Daniel P. Carter of BBC Radio 1 Steps Into The Electric Theater with clown of Slipknot

- By Ramon Gonzales

The conversation with Carter digs into how being creative is essential during these times.

BBC Radio 1's Rock Show and cultural ambassador, Daniel P. Carter sat in for a conversation with clown in The Electric Theater. The exchange began the only way it could, with a frank discussion about the current climate of the world. Touching on the uncertainty that continues to plague ever industry due to the Coronavirus, coupled with the swell of discontent and protest over social injustice and racial inequality, both Carter and clown confided that it's essential to stay connected but makes it tough to disconnect.

In an effort to find some mental respite from the heaviness of the world, the guys discussed how diving into creative endeavors (Carter paints, clown gardens) is important, albeit tough to do considering how the world makes it difficult to focus. Carter would discuss his formal background in art and how he pursued his passions in both visual art and music despite always being told that neither would be a viable option for a career. He confided that his initial plan was to design album covers to connect the two worlds. Through his connections to bands as a visual artist, opportunities presented themselves to step in and perform as a member of bands like Hexes and the Kerrang-award winning band, A, before settling in with Krokodil.

Both clown and Carter revisited Slipknot's 2020 landmark BBC performance, the most-intimate gig the band has played in some two decades. Carter recalled how the band all seemed so enthusiastic about the gig and how the small confines made for an especially memorable event.

In the latter third of conversation, clown confirmed that work on the decade-deep project Look Outside Your Window has been completed. With the time away from the stage, clown discussed how he was able to finish the effort and said that the extra time spent on the project will result in something timeless.

Listen to the entire conversation with Daniel P. Carter and clown in the latest installment of The Electric Theater below.

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