Professional surfer Albee Layer joins clown in The Electric Theater

Professional surfer Albee Layer joins clown in The Electric Theater

- By Ramon Gonzales

Chasing storms, dodging sharks and reaching your full human potential -Slipknot's clown finds common ground with surf sensation Albee Layer

Slipknot's clown welcomed surfing sensation Albee Layer for a conversation on the most recent edition of the Electric Theater.

The World Surf League standout began the conversation with clown by discussing the more dangerous aspects of his chosen profession. Layer discussed the reality of sharks and chasing storms to surf some terrifyingly big waves.

Layer was quick to point out a very sobering, poignant reality - despite being prepared, getting into the ocean requires relinquishing control. The talking point was something both clown and Layer would spend some time digging into.

Exploring the parallels between surfing and performing onstage in front of thousands of fans, the two figured that the intersection happens in giving everything to the craft, whatever it might be.

Layer, confiding that he has been a Slipknot fan since he was a teenager, correlated clown giving his everything onstage to exhausting session of being pounded by the surf. Though Layer and clown find themselves in separate worlds professionally, the two find a commonality in giving their all to their craft.

Listen to the complete conversation between clown and professional surfer Albee Layer in the latest installment of The Electric Theater.

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