Capra make their mark with the walloping sophomore full length, 'Errors'

Capra make their mark with the walloping sophomore full length, 'Errors'

- By Ramon Gonzales

Guitarist Tyler Harper and vocalist Crow Lotus go track-by-track, laying bare the 10-track assault packaged in highly anticipated follow up to 2021's 'In Transmission'.

At their core, Louisiana aggressors Capra have built a foundation based on a few fundamental elements that best define their creative DNA. Combining the confrontation of punk, the ethos and grit of hardcore and the performative bandwidth of metal, Capra has secured their footing as one of the most promising emerging names in the every changing landscape of heavy music. 

First earning acclaim in 2021 with the release of In Transmissionthe band's fiery, hostile brand of heft signaled the arrival of a new prospect that had the kind of potential to make a lasting impact. Spending the subsequent two years sharpening their proverbial swords on the road, the band continued to distill their sound, all the while better refining their chops as songwriters. 

Finally set to showcase their latest labor of love, Capra have once again sourced their core trifecta of punk, hardcore and metal with the highly-anticipated sophomore full. length, Errors. Previewed thus far with the devastating one-two punch of the volatile introduction in "Tied Up" and the urgent "Human Commodity" featuring Candace Puopolo of Walls of Jericho - suffice to say Capra has undoubtedly leveled up. 

Retaining their stylistic integrity, Errors is a testament to the band's ability to evolve as players, while doubling down on the explosiveness that landed the band on heavy music's collective radar in the first place. This is Capra 2.0 - potent, pissed off and full of the promise to lead heavy music's new school. 

Ahead of the arrival of the sophomore release on Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records, guitarist Tyler Harper and vocalist Crow Lotus survey the album as a whole, going track-by-track to detail the work invested into their most complete record to date. Offering insight to the band's headspace and the factors that went into making the record, the tandem give a first-hand account of their creative investment in the album and the rewarding payoff of seeing the final product come to fruition.

See the track-by-track breakdown with Tyler and Crow of Capra below. 

Errors, arrives via Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records October 6th. Order the album - HERE

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