All Treats, No Tricks: Swollen Teeth - The Halloween Interview

All Treats, No Tricks: Swollen Teeth - The Halloween Interview

- By Ramon Gonzales

In a rare interview with Megaa, the vocalist shares the discomfort of achieving authentic art, his worship for the 1994 film The Crow and confirms that "new frequencies" from Swollen Teeth are in the works.

Sitting in for an especially rare interview, frontman Megaa of emerging, enigmatic unit Swollen Teeth spent some time with contributor Amelia Clarke and quickly got down to brass tacks. 

Given how much of a rarity it is to see an interview from Swollen Teeth (Megaa eve suggested this could be the last time anyone would hear anything from him), the vocalist/turntablist opted to make the conversation especially interesting from the get-go by confirming that "new frequencies" were in fact in the works and would soon be released from Swollen Teeth. 

Earlier this year, the band made their haymaker of a debut with a five-song self-titled EP that hit like a ton of bricks and put the greater world of heavy music on notice. The inaugural released on Blowed Out Records, Swollen Teeth's prowess was such that a new label was launched to support it with legendary producer, Ross Robinson (Korn, The Cure, Slipknot, Glassjaw, At The Drive In and more), Ghostemane and Bill Armstrong formerly of SideOneDummy going all in on the band.

The confirmation of new music in the works came with a bit of a explanation however as Megaa confided that it's difficult to schedule sincerity. Though still very much behind his mask, the musician bared his humanity a handful of times during the discussion - the first of which explaining that what Swollen Teeth do artistically comes from the heart and to put a timeline on something like that just isn't feasible. 

Delving further into the creative process that is unique to Swollen Teeth, Megaa attempted to convey how they accomplish such cathartic songwriting, but confided that their is a level of discomfort you have to be ok with wrap your head around what the band does. He offered high praise of collaborators Ross Robinson and Sid Wilson of Slipknot, for aiding the band in helping them "get this out" and expressed his connection to the art is such that when he finishes tracking a song, his DNA is altered forever after. 

The musician spoke about the kind of art that resonates most with him. He explained that regardless of medium, he has always been compelled by art that was genuine. Whether it be a painting or a film or an album, the common denominator for Megaa has always been authenticity. That same standard is what fuels Swollen Teeth - to make art that connects on a level that almost defies explanation. It's a phenomenon that Megaa and Swollen Teeth refer to as, "The Obvious". 

The conversation included a healthy love for the 1994 cult classic film, The Crow. Assessing the commonalities, Megaa enthused about the parallels found throughout the film - from the music to the imagery, mosh pits, skateboarding and the thematic duality of both love and vengeance, the film is without a doubt an inspiration. 

The conversation concluded with a rundown of proper horror films that are important to Megaa with essentials the Friday the 13th franchise and Rob Zombie's filmography, specifically The Devil Rejects instantly coming to mind. Megaa also included some curveballs with Final Destination making the cut. He also roped in the 2002 film Ghost Ship and explained that the way the music and the visuals align makes for a memorable final product - giving a special shoutout to Mudvayne for their contribution to the film with "Not Falling"

Stream the complete interview with's Amelia Clakre and Megaa of Swollen Teeth below. 




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