Beartooth balance artistry and accolades at the 2022 Heavy Music Awards

Beartooth balance artistry and accolades at the 2022 Heavy Music Awards

- By Ramon Gonzales

Operating at their creative peak with the album Below, the Ohio band continue to have fun while consistently leveling up their craft.

The last year for Ohio metalcore titans Beartooth has been arguably their most significant yet. Unleashing their mammoth fourth full length studio effort with Below, the band has been nothing short of relentless in the months since, helming their own headlining dates and festivals plays with a phenomenal pace.

Earning universal acclaim, the 12-track collection showcases the power and prowess of a band that is currently operating at their creative peak. A resounding testament to the inimitable talent of the band's architect Caleb Shomo, Below is the kind of big-sounding album that is best experienced live. It makes sense that given the kind of weaponry the band had at the ready, Best International Band for Beartooth was a lock.

Reflecting on the last year and everything that was poured into Below, Beartooth still remain humble while holding their hardware. Honored to join the previous winners of the category included names like Slipknot, Parkway Drive and Ghostmane, the band exuded a sense of pride while keeping the accolades in perspective - confiding that they are still just having fun with what they do.

Being an international band was something not lost on the guys in Beartooth, explaining how the British audience has made the U.K. feel like a second home. Shomo also spoke about how the award has the added significance of being international. He shared that people understand that it not easy to reach an international base, let alone find a following with one. The award is especially fulfilling in that it underscores the kind of strides Beartooth have made throughout their career thus far.

The band also took the opportunity to share the stage with fellow Heavy Music Award winners, Architects. When asked who they thought were among the best on an international level, the response was unanimous as Shomo explained how their longtime friends and tourmates in Architects have experienced a meteoric rise for good reason.

Showing no signs of slowing, the band also shared that while they remain in the thick of touring in support of Below, they have already begin the writing precess for their fifth full length record - maintaining their maniacal creative pace. Intending to ride the momentum of Below, Shomo and Beartooth believe the new material levels up their game given the kind of clarity and drive Shomo has found. Confiding that he is in the best headspace he has ever been in for a record, fans can expect yet another wallop - though they still may not have fully recovered from Below just yet.

The Heavy Music Awards Highlight Show airs exclusively on the Knotfest Youtube Channel on Thursday June 16th at 8pm BST / 3pm EDT. Catch all the winners, the reaction and performances from Beartooth, Holding Absence, Meet Me At the Altar and Static Dress.
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