Black metal horde Gaerea bridge extremity and artistry in sight and sound

Black metal horde Gaerea bridge extremity and artistry in sight and sound

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Portuguese black metal powerhouse detail their immersive upcoming 'Bronze Hall' performance for Pulse of the Maggots and explain the importance of aligning the band's sound with their visuals.

Portugal's modern black metal masters, Gaerea, checked in for a conversation with Knotfest Daily host Alicia Atout to discuss their highly-anticipated performance fo the 2021 installment of the digital festival, Pulse of the Maggots.

Championed for their incredibly cinematic, dynamically dark music, the band took the same approach with their visuals for this special performance and filmed their 25-minutes of fury from an undisclosed museum christened, 'The Bronze Hall'.

Opting to give fans the complete Gaerea experience, the band made sure to emphasize the visual accompaniment in a way that augments the level of intensity that band invests in their music. While they were hesitant to reveal too much in the way of details specific to the set, the band confidently asserts the show will be memorable.

To better frame how the band have arrived at this level of artistry, they went onto discuss formative instances like some of their first live influences. They also spoke candidly about the string creative chemistry of the most current line-up and the kind of mental commitment the band requires of each of its collaborators.

Finally, Gaerea reflected on their now five-year tenure as a band and how they have evolved since their beginning. Confidently championing not only the culture of black metal but also their Portuguese roots, the band continues to serve as a shining example of heavy music extremity and bold artistic craftsmanship.

Watch the complete interview with Gaerea on Knotfest Daily below.

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