Blanket Better Distill Their Brilliance On, 'Ceremonia'

Blanket Better Distill Their Brilliance On, 'Ceremonia'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Blackpool post-rock collective breakdown their third full length studio album and offer a glimpse into the headspace that resulted in their most approachable, articulate work to date.

Puns aside, there is a rich tapestry that characterizes the body of work from Blackpool's post-rock practitioners in Blanket. The band's ornate, layered meld of grunge, shoegaze and heavy alt offers an sir of sophistication that translates as equally poignant and powerful. 

From the band's 2018 introduction in How To Let Go, to the incendiary follow-up in 2021's AOTY candidate Modern Escapism, the band have cemented a reputation as accomplished craftsmen - songwriters that understand style points while emphasizing substance. Sourcing stylistic elements from across the spectrum of rock, Blanket's sound loans itself to sonic storytelling - compositions that embrace a bigger narrative while coloring outside the boundaries of genre norms. 

On the band's latest effort, Ceremonia, Blanket has better refined their sound in a way that underscores the kind of focus that results when experience and expertise intersect. While experimentation has long been at the fabric of the band, Ceremonia frames a shining example of how a little restraint can go a long way - making for dynamic songs in the process. 

Across the 10-track presentation, Blanket submits an atmospheric, articulate brand of heavy alt that compels the listener to truly pay attention - a feat few other artists can lay claim to. While the consensus is that Ceremonia is Blanket at their very best, the real take away suggests their have just begun upward trajectory - and that is reason to go along with the band for the ride. 

Marking the arrival of the Church Road Records release, vocalist/guitarist Brian Pook offered a track-by-track dissection of the album - better explaining the creative headspace that prompted such a triumph. The collective details and backstories that permeate on the record, provide a glimpse of the band's process and the vision that makes for one helluva collection of songs. 

Check the track-by-track from Blanket below. 





Pook - This song is based on a true story about a man called David Hahn also known as "Radioactive Boy Scout'' or the "Nuclear Boy Scout”. Hahn attempted to build a homemade breeder reactor from his mother's backyard shed whilst attending the Boy Scouts of America, hence the nickname. Before he could succeed, it attracted the attention of widespread media and the local authorities who shut down his lab, shortly after he attained Eagle Scout rank.

Hahn later died in 2016 at the age of 39 after serving in the marine corps and the US navy most of his adult life, this story is fascinating to us in blanket and we wanted to share this in a song with our fans.

The lyrics are about how this event in his childhood ended up being a catalyst for how the rest of his life was to pan out.




Pook - This song was written within about 30 mins in the studio, Lucas and Bobby just blasted riffs to each other and 'Ceremonia' was born, now a band favorite. Because of that the concept for this song was decided quickly.

Essentially it’s about love bombing/being infatuated with a single person for a short period of time before the feelings fade.

Fletcher (Drums) -  During this writing process we were all being heavily influenced by the Foo Fighters all mighty ‘The Colour And The Shape’, if you can't already tell from some of the riffs me and Bob put down. I wanted the drums to match Dave’s energy in this song, something simple, hard hitting and fun to play. I went in on memory of riffs put together alone and tracked the whole song within about 3 takes, just jamming and enjoying myself, because of that this is now the most fun song to play live. I love everything about this tune, the raw energy and on the spot creativeness makes it my personal favorite.




Pook - Porcelain is a song we have had since the start of the writing process for this album, lyrically the song is about impending doom or to simply put it, death. It’s something we will all face one day, no matter who we are. The song has a much softer feel to it, giving the dark lyrics a sense of calmness. Essentially we want the listener to walk away from listening to this feeling content about this continuing paradigm that we all face eventually.




Pook - Loom is essentially about being trapped in a toxic situation with a partner and struggling to escape, hence the lyrics ‘my lids inside, the thread of you.’

The vibes for the song as a whole lean more towards the shoegazey aspect of the album, creating an ambient space for the listener to put themselves inside the song.




Fletcher - Honestly I hadn't written music in a long time before this song, at some point during the album writing process I got this little spark of inspiration once becoming obsessed with Superheaven’s ‘Jar.’ I picked up a guitar and just wrote exactly what came to mind in the moment, sent it to the boys and Kaleidoscope was added to the album tracklist.

I come from a background of metalcore so writing a grunge song was way out of my comfort zone, the lads in Blanket have introduced me to music i never thought i’d have fallen in love with this much. I’m pretty proud of this one as it’s my only solo contribution to the album, i hope the fans love it as much as i do.




Pook - A sea of bliss is primarily about dreaming lucidly and not wanting to wake up, the dream in question is such a spiritual experience that whomever’s it is does not want to leave.

The vibes for this song lean heavily towards the shoegaze aspects of the album and stray far from the grunge sound the album opens with.

Fletcher - Whenever we play this song in a room together i close my eyes and it literally feels like i’m walking in thin air, this song lifts me out of my body and gives me goosebumps every single time.




Pook - The name for this song is a sarcastic play as this song is about finding happiness in drugs and the ones that do are ‘The Lucky Ones.’ The theme of sarcastic happiness carries on throughout with huge melodic happy chords smashing the listeners ears, filled with fuzz and shoegazey aspects throughout and oasis inspired vocal melodies that bring reminiscence of the 90’s northern indie scene. 




Fletxher - This song in my personal opinion has one of the coolest concepts on the album.

Pook - i was on Youtube one night as you do, just getting myself deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole when I came across a show called 'Tomorrow's Pioneers' which was the original name for the song. We decided to change the name due to the nature of the show in question, The Pioneers of Tomorrow is a Palestinian children's television show that promotes terrorism and anti-Jewish propaganda. I just found this the most obscure and metal thing I'd ever seen and I knew I had to write something about it.




Pook - Imagine having the chance to speak to someone before they leave, die or I guess even just leave your life.


Ceremonia, the latest album from Blanket is now available via Church Road Records. Get the album - HERE




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