Corey Taylor reveals his favorite track from 'The End, So Far', the bands that inspired him, and the new blood he would collaborate with

Corey Taylor reveals his favorite track from 'The End, So Far', the bands that inspired him, and the new blood he would collaborate with

- By Ramon Gonzales

In a recent AMA, the Slipknot frontman shared how Death, The Cure, and Prodigy influenced the new record, how his mask is a nod to David Cronenberg, and emerging artists he would like to team up with.

With the recent release of Slipknot's seventh landmark full length release, the band has only amped up their assault - maintaining a relentless pace both with plenty of press all while hitting the pavement on the Knotfest Roadshow.

Taking time to connect with fans and field questions directly via a Reddit AMA, the Great Big Mouth Corey Taylor himself took to the keyboard to chat with the community and answer the burning questions the maggots had following the unveiling of The End, So Far.

Among the takeaways from the conversation that included thousands of submissions, the frontman elaborated on how a slow burning inferno like "Adderall" allowed Taylor to tap into his goth sensibilities, taking stylistic cues from the likes of The Cure and Depeche Mode in terms of songwriting.

Taylor confided that while the world was uncertain and a new normal caused hiccups to the conventional recording process, the disjointed work flow still proved fruitful with the band achieving their objective.

Taylor adamantly advocated for the arts as a means of therapy, explaining how increasingly essential the arts have become as the younger generation struggle to deal with anger, anxiety, and isolation. He championed the importance of getting involved, finding local organizations that facilitate the arts and throwing support behind them.

The fans were eager to know which among the new songs struck a chord with Taylor as one of the songs he was most eager to share live. He emphatically shared that "Acidic" is the knockout punch he's got holstered and cannot wait to unload live.

Going back to "Adderall", fans pointed out how the track followed in the vein of other experimental Slipknot tracks like "Prosthetics", "Gently", "Circle", and "My Pain". When asked if there was any trepidation as to how fans would receive such a creative risk, Taylor clarified that maintaining their creative integrity is paramount. While he hopes that fans come along for the ride, that doesn't determine how Slipknot writes.

Taylor underscored the importance of the album by detailing that he felt "The Dying Song (Time to Sing)" marked an important transition for the band - a track that officially marked the culmination of one era of Slipknot and definitive start of the next. For Taylor, the song is emblematic of where Slipknot has been and where they are going.

In terms of musical muses, Taylor explained how The End, So Far took some inspirational cues from a broad spectrum of gamechangers. He referenced icons on the opposite end of the stylistic spectrum like Death, The Cure, and The Prodigy as bands that had an impact on this album. He revealed how his mask was a tip of the hat to David Cronenberg's 1990 dark horror fantasy, Nightbreed. Taylor also praised the pen of Stone Temple Pilots legend Scott Weiland, sharing that his line, 'If you should die before me ask if you could bring a friend' from the track "Still Remains" is a lyric he wished he wrote.

From his love of Sid's new mask to his admiration and interest in collaborating with new blood like Vein.FM and City Morgue, the AMA proved an illuminating discussion from the man at the head of the hottest band in heavy music.

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