Corroding Conformity: POORSTACY shares the Slipknot songs that prompted him to pave his own lane

Corroding Conformity: POORSTACY shares the Slipknot songs that prompted him to pave his own lane

- By Ramon Gonzales

The genre-bending sensation details the enduring influence of Slipknot with his list of songs that not only illuminated his creative path, but still manage to light his fire.

While many artists are coined with the multi-genre label, few personify the way contemporary music is consumed the way Palm Beach native POORSTACY does.

At all of 22 years young, the highly-versatile vocalist has rode a meteoric ascent that has earned the creative cosign of collaborators like Internet Money affiliate and revered hip hop producer, Nick Mira. If the name doesn't ring a bell, rest assured you have heard his work particularly with the likes of Post Malone, XXXTentacion, Lil Skies, Lil Tecca, and the many hits he has crafted with the late Juice WRLD.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, POORSTACY has also earned the endorsement from the likes of Travis Barker who teamed up to drop the infectious, indie-tinged "Hills Have Eyes" late last year.

Stacy's prowess also served to secured another massive boost with the addition of Oli Sykes of Bring Me the Horizon to his sophomore album credits. Released just last month, Party At the Cemetery is a 14-track flex of versatility anchored by the Y2k-era aggression on full display with the Sykes-assisted "Knife Party".

For those taking notes, POORSTACY's tale of the tape is that of a Soundcloud rapper that amassed some 35,000 streams in 24 hours with his track "Make Up," months prior to dropping an official debut EP. Fast forward just two years later, and the energized enigma is riding high with the celebrated release of his second LP and is set to join Bring Me the Horizon on the next leg of their Post Human arena tour in 2022.

For those attributing POORSTACY's current run to that of a flash in the pan or some en vogue fluke, even a quick dive into his most recent record makes it evident just why his stock continues to climb and will likely remain on the same trajectory. Finding an cross section of musical fluidity and authenticity, POORSTACY wears his influences on his sleeve in a way that is brazen, unapologetic, and powerful.

In fact, it's those influences that Stacy cites as his source material in developing such an effective, eclectic approach to his craft. Cutting his pre-teen teeth tooling around with bands, he would eventually introduce the hip hop sensibilities and found that choosing a side just wasn't in the cards.

Among the constants that POORSTACY often references in his education in artistry is the catalog of Slipknot. From POORSTACY's killer carny aesthetic to his at times unhinged, uninhibited delivery, the non-conformist groundwork laid by Slipknot spanning the last two decades effects a lasting influence as displayed by artists like POORSTACY that are taking up that same flag of not giving a fuck.

Just days away from Knotfest LA and the thick of the 20th anniversary of the release of Slioknot's seminal sophomore album Iowa, POORSTACY shared a quick reference list of the five Slipknot tracks that not only illuminated his creative path, but still manage to light his fire.

Wait and Bleed (Self-titled / 1999)

POORSTACY - This song was insane for me growing up. It’s really one of the first I listened to that got me stuck on Slipknot along with the entire Iowa album.

People = Shit (Iowa / 2001)

POORSTACY - People = Shit was a huge way for me to release the stress and social anxiety I deal with. I would throw my arms around and kick the air until my mom bitched at me.

Psychosocial (All Hope Is Gone / 2008)

POORSTACY - Psychosocial was kind of similar to the other songs in that it was a tool I used as a child to channel my energy into something I could use as a release. Music can help so much with processing or expressing emotions that kids otherwise would suppress.

Snuff( All Hope Is Gone / 2008)

POORSTACY - Snuff is still a very emotional record to listen to. It is beautiful and I love when Corey sings.

Duality (Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses)

POORSTACY - This one of course is an anthem and has to be in the top 5. It's one that I regularly come back to. I still play it at all of my shows; it will forever be a staple Slipknot record to me.

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