Cristina Scabbia talks her love of video games, 20 years of 'Comalies' and new Lacuna Coil in 2024

Cristina Scabbia talks her love of video games, 20 years of 'Comalies' and new Lacuna Coil in 2024

- By Ramon Gonzales

The accomplished frontwoman guests for an in-depth conversation on thew Knotfest original series, She's With the Band.

Guesting for a comprehensive discussion with Tori Kravitz and Alicia Atout for the Knotfest series, She's With the Band, iconic Italian metal frontwoman Cristina Scabbia covered plenty of ground in the nearly hour long discussion.

Of all places to begin the conversation, Scabbia opted to delve into her love of gaming to kick things off. Given that Lacuna Coil music has been featured in titles like Hellsinger (a collaboration with Will Ramos of Lorna Shore!) and Diablo 2, the discussion made sense, but what proved surprising was Scabbia's genuine love for gaming.

The vocalist shared her own shortlist of titles that really sparked her passion for the culture, citing entries like Pitfall, Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill as her essentials. Funnily enough, she also confided how she was only able to score an 80% while singing her own song on Rock Band. Scabbia also shared that her end goal in terms of Lacuna Coil and video games would be to have the band's music featured in the Final Fantasy franchise.

The discussion touched on the recent release of the re-recorded version of Lacuna Coil's legendary 2002 album, Comalies. Scabbia shared the challenges of revisiting and reimagining songs that hold important meaning to generations of fans and the kind of reverence that requires. She compared some of the technological advancements that have improved the process since the original recording and how that impacted the latest version the album.

In reflecting on the early portion of her career, Scabbia recalled how there was a time when looks were prioritized over her talent and the kind of frustration that caused her. Speaking candidly, she confided that being a woman in the space of heavy music does have advantages in that there is an added focus. For Scabbia, it was about commanding that attention with her craft, not her looks.

As for how she is perceived now, Scabbia shares that the trick not being objectified is about having a real sense of self worth. However she chooses to project herself, Scabbia says that to indulge the negativity is to give it credence, so she chooses to ignore it and operate with a sense of self confidence that won't be undermined in the comments section.

The vocalist also touched on the longevity of Lacuna Coil and what kind of legacy she hopes to leave when the band calls it a day. She shared that the ability to empower fans through their music is something important to her. In touching on legacy, Scabbia also hinted at what is on the horizon for the band, revealing that while there are logistical issues that impact the lead time of a new record - the band themselves are still very much in the thick of writing new material.

From the impact of social media to being a video game-loving tomboy to spotting Nicolas Cage and Norman Reedus backstage at a Lacuna Coil show - the conversation with Cristina Scabbia was one for the books.

Check the episode of She's With the Band below.
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