Gene Hoglan on Leaving Testament, Death To All Touring and more

Gene Hoglan on Leaving Testament, Death To All Touring and more

- By Chris Hudson

The legendary drummer hints at two major projects dropping next year, his upcoming run with Steve DiGiorgio playing the music of Death, and how he intends to be drumming well into his seventies on the latest Talk Toomey podcast.

Legendary drummer Gene Hoglan joins the Talk Toomey podcast to discuss all the things going on his world. Among the talking points, Hoglan spoke about diving into the Twitch world during the pandemic as a way to keep his chops up. He explained that the platform allowed him to maintain his skills and stay sharp in front of an audience that would keep him accountable.

Hoglan also touched on this upcoming run with Death To All and their living tribute to the catalog of Chuck Schuldiner. He shared that the band has nailed own about 21 classic Death tracks with the intention of playing them all on the run, should it work out live. The current lineup of Death To All includes Steve DiGiorgio on bass and Bobby Koelble on guitar. Max Phelps of Cynic is handling vocals and guitar duties.

Hoglan revealed how scheduling really was the determining factor for his decision to step down from Testament. He also recalls knowing Dave Lombardo got the gig and people asking if he knew beforehand. He spoke to the community aspect of Testament and explained that having his longtime friend and contemporary Dave Lombardo take the reigns was a win/win for everyone.

Hoglan highlighted just how long he and Lombardo have been friends, sharing that they did their very first tour together when they were teenagers have essentially come up together since the very start of their respective careers.

Gene kept things pretty close to the chest in detailing how he kept busy during Covid. He explained he did plenty of session work and studio time some gigantic projects. Using descriptors like "All-star" and summarizing it as some of the "best music he has ever played on" Hoglan did confirm that both of these very big projects will be dropping in 2023... be patient.

Hoglan spoke candidly about being one of the first people within the testament camp to get sick with Covid before Covid had become what it is known as today. He explained that after doing some shows in Nepal with Testament, he spent time in China and in December of 2019, he and his entire family got sick. He revealed that he tested positive for the antibodies some weeks later and tragically realized that he had a loss in his extended family as a result from his initial infection.

The drummer also spoke about his health, his ongoing efforts to slim down and how his desire to continue playing drums at a high level for many years to come is what drives him to be mindful of that. Pulling no punches, Hoglan said he intends to be drumming and "bGene Hoglan on Leaving Testament, Death To All Touring and moreringing it" well into his seventies, explaining that he is in his fifties now and playing better than he has ever been.

Stream the complete interview with the legendary Gene Hoglan below or watch the full interview here (Exclusive for Premium Members)

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