Heavy Haul: Escuela Grind Brave Bodily Injury On Their 'Ball and Chain' Tour

Heavy Haul: Escuela Grind Brave Bodily Injury On Their 'Ball and Chain' Tour

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band documents the wild shows, the packed rooms and share how a mishap in Dallas that led to actual broken bones hasn't slowed the band down one bit.

Living up to their moniker and establishing a reputation as being one of the hardest working bands in their space with an unmatched loyal to the road, Escuela Grind have commenced thei4 2024 Ball and Chain Tour. Bolstered by a rotating line up of support that includes T ake Offense, Come Meirda, Slow Pulse, Bonginator, Frog Mallet, and Brat, every night has been a frenzied scene - rooms packed tight with fans rabid to get active in the pit and bare witness to the kind of mayhem that is a live Escuela Grind set. 
Trekking in support of their latest EP, DDEEAATHHMMEETTAALL, the nightly execution of bombastic death grind is the kind of live volatility that not only endears an already passionate, ever-growing fanbase - but also underscores the band's commitment to their craft both onstage and in the studio. 
Even when the band first announced the arrival of the latest EP, their focus was always on the live translation of the songs - and with the first couple of weeks of the Ball and Chain tour in the books, it's evident that the in-person experience of Escuela Grind is where the band truly shines. 
'DDEEAATHHMMEETTAALL' is the third installment of our EP series where we dive into the genres that most influence this band," shared vocalist Katerina Economou."Finishing this trilogy has been years in the works. We are so excited to release these songs as they are perhaps the best reflection of our live performance. The stage has honed these hectic songs to perfection."
Taking inventory of the run thus far, the band submitted a glimpse of life on the road with a handful of images and some first-person insight. From the crammed rooms, late nights, sweaty circle pits and even the occasional necessary neck brace, the band presents the look at how the Ball and Chain Tour has played out and how they only building momentum with each night of the run. 
Escuela Grind - We were thrilled to see that the first few weeks of our headliner tour so far have been absolutely INSANE! The energy and support at every show have been mind-blowing, and we can’t thank you all enough for making it happen.
Photo by @thrashbear
Photo by @dylandistance
Escuela Grind. - From the intimate venues to the wild crowds, your passion has made this tour unforgettable. But we’re just getting started!

Esucle Grind. - Dallas was so insane that Katerina was launched over a crowd, onto the floor in the middle of the pit.. we didn’t get to finish our set.

Katerina has a small hairline fracture, and a bruised shoulder but we will soldier on - Big Homo doesn’t pay us if we cancel shows!

Catch the remaining dates of the Ball and Chain Tour featuring Escuela Grind along with  T ake Offense, Come Meirda, Slow Pulse, Bonginator, Frog Mallet, and Brat. Following the Ball and Chain Tour, Escuela Grind will team with Capra for an additional set of shows. See the list of dates and cities below. 

January 25 Santa Ana, CA        

   January 26 Los Angeles, CA     

   with support from Take Offense, Bonginator


   January 27 Fresno, CA               

   January 28 Oakland, CA              

   January 29 Eugene, OR             

   January 30 Portland, OR             

January 31 Vancouver, BC    

       February 1 Seattle, WA                 

     February 2 Boise, ID                    

    February 3 Salt Lake City, UT       

   February 4 Denver, CO                 

   February 5 Omaha, NE                

   February 6 Sioux Falls, SD        

   February 7 Des Moines, IA           

   with support from Take Offense, Brat, Bonginator


   February 8 Chicago, IL                 

   February 9 Detroit, MI                   

   February 10 Indianapolis, IN         

   February 11 Columbus, OH          

   February 12 Cleveland, OH          

   February 13 Pittsburgh, PA       

   with support from Take Offense, Brat


   February 14 York, PA                     

   February 15 Philadelphia, PA.      

   February 16 Brooklyn, NY           

February 17 Boston, MA  

03/01 Richmond, VA 
03/02 Savannah, GA 
03/03 Charlotte, NC
03/04 Roanoke, VA 
03/05 Erie, PA 
03/06 Rochester, NY 
03/07 Syracuse, NY 
03/08 Burlington, VT 
         03/09 Portland, ME             
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