Heavy Haul: Escuela Grind Take Stock of the Ball and Chain Tour

Heavy Haul: Escuela Grind Take Stock of the Ball and Chain Tour

- By Ramon Gonzales

In what the band express was the "best tour of their lives" Escuela Grind prep for their dates with Capra, express gratitude for the fans and confide the rigors of the road.

All photos by @stumuffins

Concluding a relentless run that spanned six whirlwind weeks of shows from DIY spaces to packed-tight clubs, grindcore prospects Escuela Grind emphasized their commitment to the road on their latest Ball and Chain tour. With a rotating roster of support from Take Offense, Come Meirda, Slow Pulse, Bonginator, Frog Mallet, and Brat, the Massachusetts collective waged a tireless campaign in support of their latest EP,  DDEEAATHHMMEETTAALL that was met with eager fans intent on getting active in the pit with the band. 

With little time to reset and collect their bearings, the band is set to once again resume their onslaught, joining forced with emerging aggressors Capra for a brief, albeit bombastic one-two combination that spans from Richmond, VA to Portland, ME. 

Reflecting on the highs and lows of their most recent completed run, while looking ahead at what's around the bend, Escuela Grind compiled the final entry in their Heavy Haul tour diary series. The band confided the rigors of the road and how the payoff in seeing fans lose their shit to their music is ultimately the fuel that allows the band to keep their pace. 

Expressing a sincere gratitude for the fans who continue to turn up and a sense of optimism for the future with a hint at new music in the works, Escuela Grind remain adamant on kicking off a new era of inclusive, intensity-driven deathgrind. 


Escuela Grind - Tour is over and we are SO grateful. This has been the best tour of our lives, it was such an honor to be able to pick the bands we tour with and have so many people come out to the shows. It was also sick to be at #1 on Sirius Liquid Metal’s Devil’s Dozen for a lot of it is amazing. 

Escuela Grind - We can’t lie, six weeks of touring with only a day off really does a number on our bodies and mental capacity. When y’all show up and stage dive, get in the wall of death, or spin kick each other, we see that, and it really keeps us going. We get to live through the fun y’all have to the music that we love and have made. It’s crazy to see songs we wrote on the couch get this amazing reaction across the world. We love y’all for supporting us always.
Escuela Grind - Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows. This has been a blast and we will be back soon with new music! Get ready for new tunes, new tours and so much more. A new era of grinding deathviolence begins now! 
Escuela Grind begins their run with Capra starting March 1st. Following the short stretch of dates, Escuela Grind has confirmed their return to European soil, supporting Rotten Sound for spring tour. See dates and cities below. 
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