Heavy Haul: Fire From the Gods close out an epic run with Five Finger Death Punch and Megadeth

Heavy Haul: Fire From the Gods close out an epic run with Five Finger Death Punch and Megadeth

- By Ramon Gonzales

Frontman AJ Channer reflects on an important year for the band, touring with legends and spreading their Revolution of the Soul one stage at a time.

Completing an extensive itinerary of live dates, some seven months deep and touching down in cities both international and domestic, Texas soul searchers Fire From the Gods continue to spread their rock heavy gospel ahead of the arrival of their third full length studio album, Soul Revolution.

Introducing the project with a pair of powerful previews in the maternal tribute of "Thousand Lifetimes" and anthemic track of self empowerment in "World So Cold", Fire From the Gods have put the greater rock community on notice with their brand of thought-provoking heft.


Punctuating a massive 2022, FFTG recently completed an epic run supporting Five Finger Death Punch and thrash legends Megadeth. Along with labelmates, The Hu, the Texas outfit left a lasting impression among the even the most skeptical of fans in the house for the arena mainstays. Showcasing a sincere brand of metallic aggression, the conviction that FFTG exudes onstage is enough to create a room of converts on every tour stop. This run was further proof of just that.

In the latest edition of the Knotfest tour series Heavy Haul, the ascending Texas outfit have submitted a collection of images that offers a glimpse of what life on the road really consists of. Chronicling the rush of performing onstage nightly, the camaraderie amongst the bands, and the connection with the fans, the dispatches provide a first-hand account of the people that push the music.

Check the most recent Heavy Haul tour diary from AJ Channer and Fire From the Gods. Soul Revolution from Fire From the Gods lands October 28th via Better Noise Music. Order the album - HERE

Channer - What a tour! What a year! 7 months of touring. Across Europe and the US. Met hundreds of new fans. Graced some of the most legendary venues and shows. Capped it off with one of the dopest tours this year. Massive shout out to the unsung heroes of tour. The crew and fans. FFTG // GANG GANG

Channer - Photographers chronicle history and enable us to share our art through photos and videos. They are an important piece in the touring story. Our dude Wu Cheyne Clan is one of the dopest. Our driver Din aka the Mayor of Shiprocked aka @sausagenpeppas666 loves naps.

Channer - Riding with AJ the legendary bass tech for Chris Kael. Behind us is Roy, guitar tech for Andy James. They were the kings of guitar world this tour. AJ is also featured prominently in the Woodstock doc on Netflix. Yup, go and watch it again.

Channer - Zo has his backstage dojo. We have backstage footy. Ritchie and I getting it in with some legends in the Megadeth camp. One is a bjj black belt and the other is the man behind the mask on stage with Megadeth. Two awesome cats for real.

Channer - We never shy away from mixing it up with the crow and meeting old and new fans. Respect to the rock and metal community for the love.

Channer - Fans mean everything to us. We are nothing without support or fans. In Us We Trust. Unite or Die. All Power to all People. FUCK YEAH 🤘🏿

Channer - This is the White Claw God aka Drew Walkers set up. Kemper, Party Nanner, set list, picks and UT Longhorn football.

Channer - People tend to shit on the industry without facts. They cuss a company like Live Nation because they are a large corporation. Those companies employ people that are so vital to the very thing that brings music fans joy. Anna was the Live Nation rep on the run and worked ceaselessly to make sure these shows ripped! She didn’t take shit and treated us with the utmost respect. Thank you, Anna.

Channer - We’ve been through some shit together. We’ve persevered. We’ve overcome adversity and still continue to thrive. HUGE THANKS to Five Finger Death Punch, Megadeth and The HU. Bros for life. We are Fire From The Gods. Gang Gang 🤘🏿

Photo credit: WuCheyneClan and Ana Massard

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