Heavy Haul: Fire From the Gods highlight the connection with their fans and the camaraderie amongst bands

Heavy Haul: Fire From the Gods highlight the connection with their fans and the camaraderie amongst bands

- By Ramon Gonzales

The tour diary features images from the road as the Texas outfit spreads their rock heavy message of Soul Revolution supporting Five Finger Death Punch and Megadeth.

Currently hitting the pavement in support of their third full length studio album, Soul Revolution, Texas soul searchers Fire From the Gods continue to make passionate converts at every tour stop.

Recently revealing a pair of powerful album previews with maternal tribute of "Thousand Lifetimes" and emotive call of empowerment and inner strength in "World So Cold", the swell of momentum for the LP's October 28th arrival is at a peak.


Trekking on one of the hottest tickets of the fall, Fire From the Gods are positioned as support for two of heavy music's most respected, accomplished names. Opening for Five Finger Death Punch and thrash institution Megadeth, the band have delighted both fans and skeptics nightly with their arena-sized anthems that intersect aggression and sincerity with stylized heft.

In the latest edition of the Knotfest tour series Heavy Haul, the ascending Texas outfit have submitted a collection of images that offers a glimpse of what life on the road really consists of. Chronicling the rush of performing onstage nightly, the camaraderie amongst the bands, and the connection with the fans, the dispatches provide a first-hand account of the people that push the music.

Check the most recent Heavy Haul tour diary from AJ Channer and Fire From the Gods. The band continue their run with with Five Finger Death Punch, Megadeth and labelmates The Hu through October 15th where the trek wraps with a finale in Salt Lake City at USANA Amphitheater.

Dates and tickets can be found - HERE

Soul Revolution from Fire From the Gods lands October 28th via Better Noise Music.

Order the album - HERE

Channer - We are blessed to do this. I don't say that trying to be cliche. I really do feel blessed to share our music and our art with people. Rock fans do it best though. Hershey, PA turned up for your boys. We rode rollercoasters after. Shit was dope.

Channer - Jamba from the HU is a madman, they're all actually pretty wild characters. We've had some wicked nights with these dudes.

I was caught up in the tour blues in Pittsburgh and dude came and hung out with me. Even though they barely speak English and we speak no Mongolian we've been able to connect with these guys. We've become decent homies.

Channer - Jameson does what I guess most people wish they could do on tour. The dude goes fishing!! My guy will find a fishing spot anywhere. Always out here "ripping lips.”

Channer - So, I'm a casual baseball fan that's been to a handful of games in my life. How the hell have I been to not one, but two Chicago Cubs games this tour? Best of the two was definitely at Wrigley Field. So yeah, here we are at Wrigley Field. Go Cubbies.

Channer - We learned about Chester’s passing on tour and Kobe’s passing as well, so I had to throw some love to an OG. The Coolio passing hit hard. RIP, forever living in a gangster’s paradise.

Channer - Chopping it up with my guy Richie our drummer in LA. Notice the Kobe Shirt. Yup, we played LA on 8/24, Kobe day, so again me showing love to a one-of-a-kind generational talent.

Channer - Now you see this man here? That's Drew our guitar player, aka White Claw God. Another dope shot from LA.

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