Heavy horde Sanguisugabogg assert their pedigree with 10 essential death metal albums

Heavy horde Sanguisugabogg assert their pedigree with 10 essential death metal albums

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Ohio brutalizers cite Gorguts, Mortician, Morbid Angel, Devourment, and more among their education in extremity.

Among a new generation of modern death metal practitioners, Ohio's Sanguisugabogg delivered one of the year's most impressive releases with their March 2021 Century Media Records debut in Tortured Whole. A hazy, hefty show of force, the band's celebration of the genre's spectacle and extremity was anchored by a combination of instrumental muscle and plenty of NSFW exaggeration.

Tracks like "Menstrual Envy, "Dead As Shit," and "Gored In the Chest" reintroduced the over-the-top macabre that marked the genre's golden years and asserted a new era of ultra-violent fun that paid tribute to the classics while crafting something contemporary in it's own right.

Anchored by the band's especially twisted, gorey brand of humor, the resulting full length introduction is hefty 11-track drubbing that indulges in the excess of the genre and commands respect in it's technical prowess. It's man album that simultaneously never takes itself too seriously, while asserting that the band's presence is something serious in of itself.

Sanguisanguabogg's penchant for the classics is what manages to ring apparent throughout Tortured Whole. From the 90's Floridian era guitar tone, to the incessant snap of Cody Davidson's snare, and the vile bellow of vocalist Devin Swank, the band certainly checks off all the boxes but goes a step further in achieving extremity where everything else seems to fall short.

To get a better understanding of Sanguisugabogg's pedigree in punishment, we asked the band to detail what death metal albums mattered the most and ultimately warped their minds in such a lasting way. As leaders of the new school, we had to know where the Ohio horde first started. Here is their list for the perfect Friday the 13th soundtrack.

Gorguts- Obscura (‘98)

Swank - Unlike the albums prior which are straight forward classic death metal this was the album that named Gorguts the avant-garde technical death metal titans they’ll always be known as! Death metal grows a third eye on this album and definitely broke a lot of ground!

Mortician- Chainsaw Dismemberment (‘99)

Swank - Mortician’s second full length and our personal favorite which is also shared by quite a number of musicians and bands and it surely shows! They’re the forerunners of the insane caveman death metal resurgence; dirty and pummeling death grind.. only the finest will do!

Defeated Sanity- Chapters of Repugnance (‘10)

Swank - I remember first hearing this and being instantly blown away. Anytime I hear this album I think of listening to tracks of it online during class and not hearing a word from anyone else around me.

Internal Bleeding- Voracious Contempt (‘95)

Swank - Classic crossover death metal before anyone ever knew! The pioneers of slam bring it on this album and I hold this album near and dear to my heart! The eerie low growls and the ability to play almost hip hop grooves and hooks on guitars is absolutely insane!

Devourment- Molesting the Decapitated (‘99)

Swank - Like Internal Bleeding they’re another genre defining band. If it wasn’t for what this band brought on this album I wouldn’t have fallen in love with all the other bands that have tried to mimick but never come close! Respect to the kings!

Scattered Remnants- Inherent Perversion (EP) (‘95)

Swank- Hope to get some people hooked on this band that might have slept or overlooked on them. Some of the most brutal transitions and grooves right here and the insane vocal performance between the low growls and high witchy screams are what sets this band apart from the rest! You’ll be sure to thank me later.

Morbid Angel- Gateways to Annihilation (‘00)

Swank. - Droney, groovy and nasty classic death metal performed by the dream team lineup that is Morbid Angel!

Grave- Into the Grave (91)

Swank - The debut album from my personal favorite Swedish death metal band! Another genre defining classick!

Cannibal Corpse- The Bleeding (‘94)

Now asking us to choose a favorite Cannibal Corpse album is like asking a parent to choose their favorite kid but this is added in particular because it’s the first death metal album I ever listened to fully and it’s my favorite performance from Chris Barnes!

Suffocation- Pierced from Within (‘95)

Swank - For the record every Suffocation album holds up and is great all the way through this one in particular set a bar for the Long Island, NY death metal titans! More solid production than their 2 prior releases and great vocal and instrument performances! When someone asks me what album to listen to get into death metal without even breathing I suggest this monster of an album!

Catch Sanguisugabogg on tour with Frozen Soul later this fall on the Frozen Whole co-headliner. Tickets can be purchased - HERE. See a complete list of dates below. Tortured Whole from Sanguisugabogg is currently available from Century Media Records - HERE

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