Igor Amadeus Cavalera Lists 10 Albums That Sparked the Hostility of Go Ahead and Die

Igor Amadeus Cavalera Lists 10 Albums That Sparked the Hostility of Go Ahead and Die

- By Ramon Gonzales

From D-Beat to Death Metal to Caustic Punk, the youngest of the Cavalera lineage details his musical foundation in 10 essential albums that paved the way for the devastation packaged on the latest full length, Unhealthy Mechanisms.

For Igor Amadeus Cavalera, being immersed in the world of heavy music afforded him a unique vantage point. The son of iconic metal pillar Max Cavalera, the kind of pedigree forever linked to the last name comes requisite with credibility and a gold standard of authenticity that truly makes them royalty among the culture. 

That lineage also ensured that Igor would be well above the learning curve in exploring is own identity as a musician. With the kind of wisdom and experience well beyond his years, the youngest of the Cavalera line is already leaps and bounds ahead of his contemporaries, given the kind of foundation he was afforded from the jump. 

Spearheading the destructive desert death outfit Go Ahead and Die, a collaborative project with his father Max, the collective rounded out by drummer Johnny Valles (BLACK BRAID, HEALING MAGIC) showcases a devastating mesh of classic death metal fused with all of the confrontation and volatility of d-beat. 

Conditioned from the very beginning to critique the art with a different, much more powerful lens, Cavalera's ability to assess and articulate what compels him as a musician is translated into his own brand - a potent mix of just polished enough heft, the kind of aggressive art that warms the blood, rattles the bones and grabs your soul. 

Emphasizing the kind of volume and volatility in music that anchored his indoctrination, Igor Amadeus Cavalera offered a detailed explanation of the essentials that have played a pivotal role in not only laying the groundwork for Go Ahead and Die, but have played a vital part in his evolution as a an artist.

Fresh off the release of his his searing sophomore effort, Unhealthy Mechanisms, the youngest Cavalera details his healthy curriculum of timeless brutality that has ensured the legacy of his prominent family name is carried over confidently into the next generation. 


Terrorizer - World Downfall

Cavalera - This album is such a great blend of death, grind and d-beat. Some of extreme metal’s most impressive drumming of all time is done on this record.



Extreme Noise Terror - A Holocaust In Your Head

Cavalera - Legendary UK crusters basically wrote the handbook for this type of music. The dual-vocals of this album were a huge influence on GAAD. 


Entombed - Left Hand Path

Cavalera - The epitome of chainsaw guitars. This album is without a doubt one of our favorite death metal records of all time.


Disrupt - Unrest

Cavalera  - The angriest d-beat record ever, period. 


Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales

Cavalera - Without this record you wouldn’t have thrash, death metal, or grind in my opinion. Not enough praise can be said about the influence of this album. 


Heresy/Concrete Sox - Split

Cavalera - Without a doubt one of my favorite split releases. Both bands were big influences for me when I first got into punk, metal and crossover, and each side of this record is vicious. 


Rattus - Uskonto On Vaara

Cavalera - Finnish punk at its finest. Nasty vocals and bass tone on this record were definitely an influence.


Bolt Thrower - Realm Of Chaos

Cavalera - The mix of grind and groovy riffs on this record is impeccable. Catchy and bludgeoning all at the same time. 


Godflesh - Streetcleaner

Cavalera - Once again, this album had a massive impact on the world of heavy music. Some of the most crushing riffs ever played are on this. 


Brutal Truth - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses

Cavalera - Some of my favorite grind vocals and riffs are on this album. Hard to top a release like this. 


The second album from Go Ahead and Die, Unhealthy Mechanisms, is now available via Nuclear Blast Records. The latest single, "Drug-O-Cop" can be seen below. 

Order the album - HERE

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