Jay Weinberg talks Australian artistry, playing new stages across the globe and essential festival food

Jay Weinberg talks Australian artistry, playing new stages across the globe and essential festival food

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Slipknot drummer connects with Monica Strut ahead of his performance in front of 30,000 fans at Knotfest Australia.

Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg sat in for a thorough chat with Knotfest correspondent Monica Strut and got down to brass tacks as the band marked the very first, Knotfest Australia.

Prepping to play in front of 30,000 fans, Weinberg confided he felt some nerves going into the day as tried to put into perspective the magnitude of such an important global event.

Citing the various destinations Knotfest has been able to plant their flag thus far, Weinberg rattled off an international list including Japan, Columbia, FInland, Germany and throughout the US among some of the locations that have played host to the celebration of heavy culture. He went onto express that the addition of Australia to the roster is especially meaningful given the passionate fans and the obvious enthusiasm of three consecutive sold out dates.

Weinberg explained that because the band is rarely able to make it to the region, being able to play Australia becomes extra special when it comes with all of the bells and whistles of the full Knotfest experience - from the carefully curated line-up to the museum activation, the art, the community and beyond.

Weinberg spoke about some of the fan interaction he's experienced in while in Australia, including a signing in Melbourne with Vader drumsticks. Taking notice of the amount of kids in attendance, the conversation segued to his own early musical education and how Weinberg was always immersed in the culture of music. He spoke about how his kinship with Slipknot began more than two decades ago and how he met the band as a kid. He also explained that part of that enduring connection stems from the band always treating him as a peer, rather than a young fan.

Weinberg explained how that environment of inclusion he first felt from the band more than two decades ago is something that still carries over. He attributed that as an integral component of the expansion and evolution of the Knotfest universe - reaching new generations of fans and welcoming them into the community to ensure its longevity.


Taking a slight tangent under the discussion of festival talk, Monica and Jay got into what kind of food that comes with festival season. Among his favorites, Jay had to include street tacos and confided that many creative discussions have been hashed out over tacos. As for Australia, he credited the location for it's great coffee and said it's the best place for a proper flat white.

Weinberg used that idea of localism to explain how that correlates to the Knotfest banner. He discussed how having bands from Australia on the bill not only showcases the artistry of the region, but how they are able to amplify that artistry to an international audience so fans the world over are able to see Australia's important contributions to heavy culture.

Jay closed out with expressing his gratitude to be able to experience exciting firsts this far into his career. He talked about how Slipknot recently played Jakarta, Indonesia for the very first time ever and that kind of thrill that was. Including additional recent firsts like Romania and Taiwan, Weinberg conveyed his enthusiasm to reach new destinations and connect with new fans in their continued quest for global domination.

Stream the complete interview with Jay Weinberg of Slipknot and Monica Strut below.

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