Knocked Loose prepare to close out 2021 with a special hometown headliner

Knocked Loose prepare to close out 2021 with a special hometown headliner

- By Ramon Gonzales

A stunning new EP, a massive tour with Gojira, and a triumphant takeover of heavy music made 2021 a breakout year for Louisville's finest.

Metallic hardcore phenoms Knocked Loose have emerged post-pandemic with the kind of momentum that has shown the collective has not missed a step.

The band's breakout 2019 album in A Different Shade of Blue catapulted KL into the greater conversation of crossover artists - a unit that resonated well with the hardcore community and their metal allies.

As is the familiar story, the stall of 2020 presented the band with a unique conundrum - armed with a brilliant record and no ability to share it live, Knocked Loose patiently waited out the uncertainty of the world while fans continued to marinate with an album that only seemed to get better with age.

It's that quality and craftsmanship packaged in A Different Shade of Blue that really allowed for Knocked Loose to hit the ground running once they finally were able. As touring finally became a reality in 2021, despite the fact that the songs on A Different Shade of Blue had been in existence for two years - they still felt fresh as ever. That was further evidenced as the band charged through an extensive schedule of live dates - ensuring they would make up for lost time.

From major festivals like Louder Than Life and Knotfest Iowa to their own run of club dates and eventually a comprehensive national run as support for French metal goliath Gojira, all of the momentum Knocked Loose had going into 2020 only seemed to swell despite a near year and half layoff, underscoring the band's staying power and strength of song.

Far from content in resting on their laurels however, Knocked Loose opted to throw the heavy community for a loop with the surprise release of their most ambitious project to date in the EP, A Tear In the Fabric of Life. Complete with a beautifully-bleak animated short film to accompany the narrative at the core of the caustic work of metallic catharsis, the project included almost no fanfare, no promotional rollout, and no warning.

The result was a thoroughly convincing effort packaged into 6 pulverizing tracks that backed the claim that Knocked Loose was among the leaders of the new school of heavy artists set to takeover. A potent meld of well-rounded songwriting, compelling narrative, and bombastic instrumentation that flexed how well Knocked Loose thrives universally - rendering genre and concert barricades irrelevant.

Capping what has been a banner year, Knocked Loose have returned home to Louisville, KY for a hometown headlining event that will no doubt serve as the outfit's victory lap. Set to perform selections from A Different Shade of Blue in addition to A Tear in the Fabric of Life, the ascending aggressors will simultaneously celebrate how far they have come while providing a powerful glimpse of what is still yet to come.

Enlisting Nothing, 200 Stab Wounds and Gates to Hell for the evening's festivities, the Mercury Ballroom will serve as ground zero in what is guaranteed to be an unforgettable night and a perfect punctation to 2021.

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