Lacey Sturm delivers a soaring performance for the video premier of "Awaken Love"

Lacey Sturm delivers a soaring performance for the video premier of "Awaken Love"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Following the success of the previously released "State of Me" the hard rock songstress goes offers a cinematic showing on her second single of 2021.

Former Flyleaf frontwoman Lacey Sturm has bookended 2021 with a pair of singles that have only added to anticipation of the vocalist's sophomore project.

Starting the year with the release of the driving "State of Me," Sturm enlisted the collaborative contributions of Skillet’s Korey Cooper and recorded with Lacey’s husband and guitarist, Josh Sturm. The track resonated instantly with active rock outlets, working it's way into heavy rotation.

Adding to the groundswell of momentum, Sturm would continue that collaborative spirit in joining forces with the Brain 'Head' Welch-led Love and Death for a rousing rendition of Justin Bieber's "Let Me Love You" that would impossible for rock fans to dismiss. The incendiary instrumentation, in tandem with Sturm's melodic soar, offered a new take on the pop mega-hit that proved effective with rock fans.

Bookending a 2021 that proved more than productive, Sturm launched an emotive, sweeping single in "Awaken Love". Again enlisting the talents of Korey Cooper and husband Josh Sturm, the track offers a compelling, wholly convincing performance that showcases Sturm ability to tap into the ethereal with delicate melodies and an unrivaled vocal range.

“Romance is a shadow of the divine,” Lacey Sturm shares. “Everything that makes you come alive is whispering of an eternal life that’s beyond this one. It’s present, and you can wake up to it now.”

Enlisting auteur Brett Varvel at House of Grace Studios to helm the visual translation of the track, the resulting video presents a cinematic experience that serves well in complementing the emotionally-charged track from one of the genre's most powerful voices.

Watch the Knotfest premier of "Awaken Love" from Lacey Sturm below.
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