Watch the new live video for "Memento Mori" and stream the 'Live Metal Essentials: Curated by Lamb of God' playlist

Watch the new live video for "Memento Mori" and stream the 'Live Metal Essentials: Curated by Lamb of God' playlist

- By Ramon Gonzales

Watch the band's latest live music video and stream an essential collection of live metal classics handpicked by Lamb of God themselves.

Prepping for the release of their Live In Richmond concert DVD and LP, Lamb of God has shared a new live music video for the blistering banger from their 2020 self-titled album in, "Memento Mori".

Capturing the band's commanding performance from their September 2020 global streaming event broadcast from their hometown in Virginia, the footage offers a glimpse of historic set and the live iteration of an album that ranks among the band's best recorded efforts thus far.

Since the album's release, Lamb of God has become a fixture of US metal radio, spending some nine weeks at #1 never falling out of the top 10 since debuting on the chart in February. Critically, the album managed to secure the #1 spot on cultural authority's Consequence of Sound's "Top 30 Metal + Hard Rock Albums of 2020" list, offering the highest praise of the band's eighth outing. “Along with bringing in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, Lamb of Godhave been one of music’s most important acts over the past 20 years. From their phenomenal instrumentation to the potency of their sociopolitical lyricism, Lamb of God remain titans of the genre, continuing to craft remarkable works of thrilling and captivating adrenaline… also proves to be a profound work of heavy metal… perhaps the most important metal album of 2020. It’s not only the album of Lamb of God’s career, but the heavy album of the year.”

Coinciding with the live release of "Memento Mori," the band has also curated a comprehensive, generational-spanning Spotify playlist that offers an aggregate of some of metal's most enduring and influential live performance recordings. Featuring the likes of Sabbath, Slayer, Slipknot, Megadeth and Metallica to name a few, the playlist presents a thorough collection of live aggression that ranks among the most important and enduring tracks of the genre.

Stream the Live Metal Essentials: Curated by Lamb of God playlist on your preferred streaming platform.

Watch the latest music video for "Memento Mori" live below.

Lamb of God: Live in Richmond and the deluxe edition of Lamb of God arrive March 26th via Epic Records and are available for pre-order - HERE
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