Memphis May Fire confident 'Remade In Misery' is the band's best album yet

Memphis May Fire confident 'Remade In Misery' is the band's best album yet

- By Ramon Gonzales

Frontman Matty Mullins discusses the ambitious album of nine singles and how the personal nature of the music helps to work through trauma.

Just days away from the release of the band's most recent full length in Remade In Misery, frontman Matty Mullins checked in with our own Alicia Atout to detail what the excitement is like for the band with the June 3rd arrival date now in sight.

Mullins confided that while lots of bands feel their most recent work is their best, he believes it to be fact in their case stating that collectively the band KNOWS this album is without a doubt, their very best to date. Released as a succession of individual singles, nine in total, each with their own charitable cause and unique creative chapter - Mullins says that part of the excitement is that now fans can finally hear how the album was intend to be heard - echoing the cohesiveness of the record.

Speaking to the quality of the record, Mullins shared that the pandemic really forced people to redirect and refocus in a way that required people to take inventory of their priorities. He explained that because music was all the band had during the pause, that allowed them to focus on nothing else but the music and the result is a collection of songs that have marking a turning point for guys of Memphis May Fire.

In terms of the source material for the record, Mullins shared that he feels like it his job to craft the kind of music that is both honest and vulnerable in a way that is relatable to fans that are listening. Though he said that sometimes the personal nature of the songs can feel like reopening a wound, they can also function as a form of therapy to work through past trauma. Either way, Mullins' feels like exploring those ideas in music are part of what adds to the sincerity and authenticity of the band.

Currently finishing their run as support to Dance Gavin Dance, Memphis May Fire will mark the release of Remade In Misery with their own headlining trek in The Remade In Misery Tour along with Rain City Drive and Wolves At the Gate. A full schedule of dates and cities can be found below.

Watch the conversation with Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire below. Remade In Misery arrives June 3rd via Rise Records. Order the album - HERE

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