Nita Strauss discusses the balance of passion and preparation in pursuit of perfecting her craft

Nita Strauss discusses the balance of passion and preparation in pursuit of perfecting her craft

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Hurricane guests on the She's With the band podcast to talks touring with Demi Lovato, her roots with professional wrestling and how mastering the shred means always putting in the work.

The most recent edition of the She's With the Band podcast welcomed accomplished shredder Nita Strauss for an in-depth conversation about music, touring, and the strong sense of community that remains core to what she does.

Setting the tone for the discussion, hosts Alicia Atout and Tori Kravitz revisited an important quote that Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd of Butcher Babies emphasized that summed up how Strauss views being strong woman in the space of heavy music - "Queens straighten each other's crowns" - a sentiment that underscores nurturing other players, not competing against them.

Strauss was quick to emphasize the reality of being a part of such a thriving community, debunking the idea that cattiness among other women in the space is still a thing. She shared that of the women in rock music that she knows, being supportive of one another's personal and professional achievements is baseline. From the ladies of Butcher Babies to her bandmates in Demi Lovato, to fellow shredder Courtney Cox, everyone is genuinely supportive of one another and that amounts the kind of strength in numbers that builds a true sense of community.

Strauss cited Michael Jackson's 1993 Super Bowl Halftime Show performance as a pivotal moment in her career - her moment of representation. Hailing pioneering shredder Jennifer Batten for her skill on guitar and her prowess onstage, seeing her shred on such a massive platform proved transformative, encouraging Strauss to feel confident in treading that same path. Identifying with Batten in more ways the just one, Strauss also emphasized that an important goal is to spread the shred to as many genres as possible - a charge she felt Batten was instrumental in leading.

Delving into her current tenure as the guitarist for pop star Demi Lovato and how that contrasts with her post as guitarist for rock icon Alice Cooper, Strauss pointed out some of the obvious differences in a positive light. Acknowledging that such a sharp stylistic shift might be met with skepticism, especially in the world of rock music, such was not the case with Lovato's fans. Going from pop to a full rock set was incredibly well-received as Demi's exploration of a heavier style seems to be resonating with fans existing and new.

Naturally, there was some discussion about professional wrestling too as the trio revisited Strauss' epic ring walk performance with Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestlemania 34.

Discussion her friendship with the legendary Mick Foley, Strauss revealed that she would love to rock some entrance music for Becky Lynch. Detailing her love for Lynch's ring persona and the excitement she would take in being able to shred on something Celtic is a dream collaboration that Strauss is hopeful comes to fruition.

The conversation served well in framing the totality of Strauss' career and how preparation has played an integral part in her continued success. Strauss attributed that work ethic to her earliest days of sports - particularly her time in gymnastics. She explained that from a very early age she understood the difference true preparation made in achieving the results she wanted and that carried over when she decided to pick up the guitar. It's a practice that she still implements to this day.

From her Team Hurricane patreon to the progress on her Star Wars bathroom to her work as a solo artist and her forthcoming album, the exchange is loaded with insights from one of the most dynamic musicians in the game.

Stream the latest episode of She's With the Band featuring The Hurricane Nita Strauss below.
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