Pat Sheridan of Fit For An Autopsy discusses touring with heroes, the third wave of deathcore, and the greater community of extreme music

Pat Sheridan of Fit For An Autopsy discusses touring with heroes, the third wave of deathcore, and the greater community of extreme music

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Jersey guitarist shares the enthusiasm of a banner 2022, his appreciation to share the stage with the likes of In Flames and Lamb of God, and champions the collective growth of heavy culture.

Just how surreal can life get? Fit For An Autopsy guitarist Pat Sheridan painted a pretty vivd picture when asked about what it has been like touring with one of his biggest musical influences, Lamb of God.

"We talk about it a lot. I saw them (Lamb of God) in a two-car garage in Delaware with Dillinger Escape Plan and now last night we all played an arena together," explained Sheridan. To watch them grow and influence a whole scene and then be able to go out on tour with them is a pretty thing. At my age, I feel pretty lucky to still be doing this and to have the ability to do it with my heroes."

Sheridan's words better frame the kind of career year 2022 has been for the Jersey outfit. Maintaining a relentless pace on the road in support of their lauded sixth full length LP, Oh What the Future Holds, the band continues on their ascending trajectory. In recent weeks, the band has helmed the supporting spot for the likes of In Flames and now Lamb of God - an indication of the kind of strides the band continues to make.

Sheridan speaks clearly about how important these tours have been. He spoke about how has been an honor to play with bands like Killswitch Engage and shared that coming from a punk and hardcore scene rooted in DIY ethics, these kinds of massive shows have been special.

The guitarist also spoke about how the gatekeeping that was once associated with the various subcircles of extreme music has become much less prevalent as bands continued to rope in a myriad of influences under the umbrella of extreme music. Sheridan explained how the nuances between bands like Slipknot, Madball, Killswitch and Lamb of God are no longer a factor - all of these bands could tour together because the audience is receptive to all of it.

There was also some discussion of the chronology of deathcore, specifically, Sheridan broke down how the subcategory is really in the midst of it's third wave. He explained how bands like Job For A Cowboy and Suicide Silence kicked down the doors, how the second wave saw bands like Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For A Autopsy arrive on the scene and now the third wave with bands like Lorna Shore and Brand of Sacrifice really pushing the envelope.

Sheridan spoke to the notion of community and explained how Lorna Shore supported Fit For An Autopsy on a tour. He then explained that it was a very likely scenario that Fit will now head out and support Lorna Shore on a tour given their recent surge in the space of heavy music. Sheridan used the example to emphasize how the growth of any band in extreme music nurtures growth for all bands in the space. Driving home the concept of think and grow together, Sheridan praised a band like Lorna for their ability to become more accessible and in the process shine a light on the genre as a whole.

The conversation also touched on the legacy that Fit For An Autopsy has built during their six album tenture thus far. For Sheridan, the concept of a band is no different than any other relationship. Referencing work life, family life, and even personal relationships, he explained how constantly evolving is the only way to ensure that life doesn't grow stale. Taking that same approach with the band, Sheridan shared that the ideal situation is to find a balance in maintaining the identity of the band that has resonated with the fans, while still progressing as an artist. Not wanting to repeat something that has already been done, for Sheridan, the goal is less about crossing any finish line and more about adapting, evolving - and hopefully the fans are down to come along for the ride.

Stream the complete interview with Pat Sheridan from Fit For An Autopsy from Aftershock below.
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