Premiere: Ghosts of Atlantis craft vivid landscapes rooted in ancient lore for "The Third Pillar"

Premiere: Ghosts of Atlantis craft vivid landscapes rooted in ancient lore for "The Third Pillar"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Suffolk-based orchestral metal outfit package Greek mythology and fantasy-latent extravagance with epic instrumentation for their debut album ''

With a pedigree that includes a long tenure in the Dani FIlth-led symphonic extremity of Devilment, Colin Parks is no stranger to crafting aggressive music with an added sense of imagination and flair.

For his latest endeavor, the guitarist enlisted a familiar group of cohorts in Phil Primmer, Dex Jezierski, Al Todd, and Rob Garner for immersive musical exploration into the fantasy-latent Lore of Greek mythology at the core of Ghosts of Atlantis.

The orchestral metal outfit is set to make their debut in March with the sweeping narrative showcased in the album, Adopting intricate tales of thriving civilizations crippled by their own humanity, Ghosts of Atlantis utilizes folklore to present somewhat of a cautionary tale applicable to the present day.

Taking the listener on a journey that spans the emotional gamut, the experience is at times ominous and optimistic, set to a soundtrack that is as rich, layered, and intricate as it is well-researched.

Ahead of their debut, the band has offered the latest installment from the album with the track and accompanying video for 'The Third Pillar". Ghosts of Atlantis' Colin Parks and Phil Primmer weighed in why the narrative plays such an important part in the music and how the echo of long lost lore finds parallels in the here and now.

The band’s debut album takes some inspirational cues from Greek mythology. What about that narrative resonates so strong with you?

Parks: The main draw is the fact that the mythology is just so interesting, from the Greek gods to the lost city of Atlantis and everything in between.

I have always been someone that enjoys creating anything that lends itself to the imagination and arts. It allows us to build our lore around both historical readings and mythology, it allows us to really get creative and incorporate fantasy elements and carve our own version of Atlantis.

Primmer: As the last member to join the band, the narrative of the story was already in place. Therefore I had to do plenty of research and also gave a fresh view on the stories. I worked with Colin very closely to work within the lore to create the lyrics. For me, this was a first working to a concept, but having worked with Colin for years before he joined Devilment, working together was great fun and great to see how the stories blend well together for this release.

Given the grandiose quality of the music, do you feel like the content of the music needs to be equally epic?

Parks: That certainly is the tricky part! Everything we do has to be top-level, the music, the artwork, the lore, the videos; getting this all together during a pandemic has been brutal.

We are very lucky that we are able to lean on to the Devilment team to help us with making this project something truly unique and interesting for the listener. It has been very challenging, but it has been worth it.

Primmer: When I first got the call asking to join, I was a little in shock at how much attention to detail had gone into those first tracks. As Colin said, having the team from Devilment has been a massive help in delivering a quality product overall. One thing that has been great is watching Colin work in the studio. This is the first time I have recorded with him as the producer on the desk, and this is one of the main reasons you can see how much time and effort went into building an epic story.

The band has mentioned that there are parallels from the ancient lore that are intended to be applicable to the here and now. What do you hope fans come away with?

Parks: The fantasy part of this project is quite in-depth and can't be covered in one album; the parallels of modern times run through the narrative in places, but not on a constant basis.

The concept of the Ghosts Of Atlantis is that the Ghosts are echoes in time, beings from another plane, another world, and another species.
As Atlantis grew, its people became greedy, living on lands rich in minerals, the wealth grew, and with it, the lust for power and deceit, this enraged some of the gods, the Lands of Atlantis and Lemuria, despite being geographically close, are worlds apart, this is depicted in the first single “Halls Of Lemuria.”

Another example of how things draw parallels with modern-day would be the song “False Prophet” At a time where misinformation runs rampant on social media and from all sides, this track harkens back to a would-be self-proclaimed speaker, a speaker who commands a certain element of people easily led. This song is pure fantasy, yet it eerily treads upon the ground that we all walk at this time and depicts just how dangerous a false prophet can be to the people of both Atlantis and you or me.

This album has been described as both dark and sinister as well as optimistic. How do you achieve that kind of duality in the same record?

Parks: We wanted the album to be dark but uplifting; we do not wish to be yet another Black Metal or Death Metal band, the world already has many very good ones.

The sound is to represent all of the differing emotions for the listener, to tell the story in the mind’s eye, and to create an emotional attachment; we want our music to help people in dark times.

We want it to make them smile, give them hope, feel inspired, be epic, be brutal and be personal, we want the listener to get lost in this fantasy world and escape the current climate we all find ourselves in.

Primmer: Exactly as Colin just said, For me personally, I want to deliver a positive and uplifting experience for the listener. I want to know people have enjoyed it. The biggest thing I have loved is watching reaction videos and seeing the genuine expression of joy across someone’s face. Yes, there will be darkness and sinister elements, but overall, it is meant to be about the journey past those moments. By showing that dark and sinister side as well, we hope to show that diversity through the record that ends on a positive note.

As for “The Third Pillar,” what’s the what’s the context for this chapter of the album?

Parks: “The Third Pillar” speaks of the great pilgrimage of the Atlantian people, a pilgrimage to the three great pillars, the only place on earth that contact can be made with the Ghosts Of Atlantis.

The road is long and filled with danger, yet they would risk all for the chance to summon the Ghosts and turn the tide against both the Lemurians and the Gods. However, the people of Atlantis would still need to reach the great halls of Lemuria, where it is said that the Ghosts reside in slumber, so this tale speaks of the struggles in the early stages of their journey.

The debut album from Ghosts of Atlantis,, arrives on March 26th on Black Lion Records. Pre-orders are available via the Black Lion Records Store and the Ghosts of Atlantis Bandcamp.

Watch the Knotfest premiere for the track, "The Third Pillar" below.
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