Provocateurs Melted Bodies debut demented MBTV Halloween special

Provocateurs Melted Bodies debut demented MBTV Halloween special

- By Ramon Gonzales

The 30-minute short film is a mind-melting collection of pop culture masterfully contorted to create a truly compelling visual.

Following the recent release of their dynamically deranged full length, Enjoy Yourself, Melted Bodies have once again asserted their rank among heavy music's most artistically complete contributors.

The story behind the band's most recent masterwork underscores their unique presentation and their commitment to artistry that is rooted in their collective identity. Approached to create a short film for a college radio station for Halloween, the finished product was considered a bit too risque with it's depiction of satanic imagery.

Left without a home, the short cinematic work was far too good to be put back on the shelf, so Knotfest decided to share it in celebration of the spookiest day of the year.

Following in the tradition of the Midnight movie, the Halloween installment of Melted Bodies' TV exists somewhere between arthouse cinema with the spectacled-splatter of a Grindhouse classic. The visuals, paired brilliantly with the band's unique brand of razor-sharp spaz make for complete production that is quite simply - a stylized mindfuck.

Watch the Halloween Special of Melted Bodies TV below.

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