Real Recognize Real: HO99O9 delivers mini-doc chronicling historic Knotfest Roadshow run with Slipknot and Cypress Hill

Real Recognize Real: HO99O9 delivers mini-doc chronicling historic Knotfest Roadshow run with Slipknot and Cypress Hill

- By Ramon Gonzales

The genre-smashing duo of Yeti Bones and theOGM revisit the rush of being paired with legends, the continued evolution of heavy music and how SKIN challenges the definition of pop on 'The Many Faces of God'.

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Setting a precedent for the year, HO99O9 began their 2022 by unloading their full length studio assault, SKIN. Recruiting Travis Barker to function as the project's producer, the 12-track onslaught resulted in what many believe to be the band's most volatile collection of tracks to date and an emphatic affront to heavy music's status quo.

To better emphasize the kind of versatility HO99O9 bring to the table, SKIN touted a diverse, potent cast of collaborators that spanned a broad stylistic spectrum . From Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor to UGK’s legendary Bun B, from multi-hyphenate Saul Williams, the range flexed by HO99O9 positioned the duo in a league of their own.

Further reiterating HO99O9's continued reach and universal embrace, Yeti Bones and theOGM would confirm a coveted supporting slot on the Knotfest Roadshow - sharing the bill with two of counter culture's biggest champions in the indomitable Cypress Hill and the undisputed Slipknot.

No Fucks Given with Yeti Bones

No stranger to massive stages, HO99O9 rose to the task of translating their unhinged, reach-out-and-punch-someone live spectacle into an arena space, recreating the intensity and volatility of SKIN night in and night out for a rabid base of fans hellbent on getting lost in the chaos. Creating a base of converts with each stop, HO99O9 effectively took up the torch, following the path of their trailblazing tourmates and showcasing the health and heft of the new generation of aggressive art.

Underscoring the significance of the tour, not only for the band themselves but as it pertains to heavy culture as a whole, Yeti Bones and theOGM have released a mini-documentary revisiting their stretch on the Roadshow. Behind the scene footage, candid b-roll, and gritty, stylized performance footage document one of the most dynamic tours of the year - and a tour that encapsulated the past, present, and future of heavy music.

In their own words, Yeti Bones and theOGM take us back to the thrill of sharing the stage with legends.

HO99O9 in their element

Some of these shows seemed to carry some added significance for you guys as a band - Playing a sold-out Barclays for example. Where did the Knotfest Roadshow rank for you in terms of your career thus far?

Yeti Bones: Highest thus far, top of the mountain. We’ve opened up and played with acts such as Korn, The Prodigy, Ministry, Faith No More but the 'Knot has been one of the best fits for us.

theOGM: KNOTFEST is top 5 Tours we’ve done. When you add Cypress Hill, legendary. And because we’re from the east coast playing Barclays Center was epic. Also playing MGM Grand in Vegas... next time it gotta be MSG though.

Ho99o9 is the kind of live experience that seems to function best without the barricade. Did the size of these rooms prove challenging at all? Did you find it hard to tap into the energy of the crowd or was the barricade not an issue?

Yeti Bones: Barricade is never and will never be an issue. The crowd and we are always one, the only challenge was me being unable to go past the barricade because of Covid protocols. We have flavors and vibes for every type of show and crowd - bar to the backyard, to a venue, to the arena, to the amphitheater. Everyone’s getting blasted.

The band just announced a headlining tour overseas. Your first proper European and UK tour in over three years. What are you most looking forward to about that upcoming club run?

Yeti Bones: Getting back in front of the people who keep this engine moving, the fans, the people, the atmosphere and energy you can only feel when you and the crowd are one with the music.

An album like SKIN is so tough to pin down in terms of genre. You manage to bridge so many different elements into your sound. Do you find that with shows like these you are having to win over a crowd and if so - does that challenge motivate you?

Yeti Bones: Win or lose you will know who we are once the show is over. Pur goal is to annihilate every performance, with chaos and love… Whether five people, fifty people, five hundred or five thousand, the energy and level of showmanship will always be 100%.

theOGM: It does have a genre. It’s the new pop.

Slipknot. Cypress Hill, Ho99o9. What was it like seeing that billing - seeing your band name grouped with legends - absolute killers onstage. Did it give you any feeling of validation to be listed with such elite company?

Yeti Bones: All killer no filler, straight legends who have had an impact on our generation of music and culture. It’s unreal. It’s a blessed feeling to have, that bands of this caliber can hear, look, listen, vibe and appreciate our sound enough that we can be on the same bill.

theOGM: what he said

theOGM doing work

Were there any takeaways you left the tour in watching OGs like Slipknot and Cypress Hill do their thing every night?

Yeti Bones: Biggest take away was owning and knowing how to rock a crowd of thousands of people every night. Corey Taylor & B-Real are amazing frontmen and good at their craft of being one with the crowd. It was a beautiful site to see. Every night I would go side stage to watch the show, take in the moment and take notes.

What does the diversity of this tour say about the health of heavy music right now? Do you think a tour like this could have worked even just ten years ago?

Yeti Bones: It’s lovely, refreshing, forward thinking, and open-minded. Love to see it. There’s a lot of gatekeepers, corny, closed minded and straight hating motherfuckers out there - I love pissing them off by the way (laughs). Some people only listen to Metal, only listen to Classic Rock, only listen to Rap. But it’s great when you listen to a wide variety of music and can appreciate them all across the board. And YES, this tour would rip 10 years ago.

theOGM: 10 years ago Slipknot would’ve been between Subliminal Verses and All Hope Is Gone. Yeah, for sure (this tour) would’ve crushed. Would’ve set the tone early on for us.

If you had to decide… what was the one, ultimate highlight of this run for you?

Yeti Bones: After listening to the music for years, watching videos, seeing the logo everywhere, watching them play every night… getting to meet them all at once on the last night of tour seeing those mask up close and personal. them in their pre-show element was the icing on the cake.

Stream The Many Faces of God mini-doc from HO99O9 below.

HO99O9 are confirmed to perform at both Louder Than Life and Aftershock before embarking on their up close and personal European and UK tour.

A complete list of dates can be found below. Tickets are available - HERE

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