Séance of Sorrow Debut Otherworldly Single, "Unholy Angel"

Séance of Sorrow Debut Otherworldly Single, "Unholy Angel"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Oklahoma rock heavy prospects use singles as a metaphysical medium between the mortal world and those who expired the with unfinished business.

For Séance of Sorrow frontman Michael Morrison, his craft is not just a creative outlet, but a conduit of communication between the physical world and the stranded souls languishing in the afterlife. 

The backstory behind the emerging dark alt Oklahoma collective is that the band came together in the wake of brutal murder, compelled by the need to use their music as a medium for those that met an untimely demise and still have yet to finish their work the mortal world. Rather than craft songs in the traditional sense, the band taps into the untold stories of 'The Black', sourcing entries from those trapped in a purgatory with a message that must reach the mortal world. 

Debuting their latest message from beyond the metaphysical, Séance of Sorrow have shared their "Unholy Angel" cut. The single functions as their the 1st edition of an ominous tale of matrimony, murder, and the mortality. Each chapter is presented as part narrative, part graphic novel, with each song serving as the accompanying soundtrack of each segment of a dark, overarching tale from afterworld. 

Speaking further from the otherside, Morrison shared a bit more backstory that begins with the latest single. “After having my life taken from me. I realized quickly that the most beautiful things in it, were what I missed most. Nothing compared to the love I felt for my bride. The words and melody of this song poured out from me as effortlessly as my tears do over losing her.” 

Morrison also elaborated on the vision of the accompanying video that sources legendary musicians with a supernatural spin. “Unholy Angel video conjures up ‘November Rain’ esque storyline and visuals while being performed by leather-clad, dapper rock n’ roll  skeletons from the other side.”

Fans can delve further into the mystique and macabre of Séance of Sorrow and the graphic novel for "Unholy Angel" - HERE


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