Skeletal Remains Offer Testament to Timeless Death Metal on 'Fragments of the Ageless'.

Skeletal Remains Offer Testament to Timeless Death Metal on 'Fragments of the Ageless'.

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band breakdown their latest album with a track-by-track that reveals the influences and the aspirations that fueled their most ambitious release to date.


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Death metal prospects Skeletal Remains have delivered yet another hulking presentation of the timelessness death metal with Fragments of the Ageless. Propelled by the strength of a succession of singles in "To Conquer the Devout" and introduced by impressive showings with "Relentless Appetite" and the pummeling "Void of Despair", Skeletal Remains flex a unique balance of traditionalism and modernization that sets them apart from their contemporaries. 

Composing the kind of classic brutality that has long been the hallmark of the genre, the band's pedigree is obvious. Apart from wearing their influences on their sleeves however, Skeletal Remains assert a sense of experimentation with layers in their entries that works in evolving their musical extremity. Skeletal Remains are among the rare few bands that understand how vital it is to retain the integrity of death metal, without running afoul of regurgitating it. 

At its core, Fragments of the Ageless is a fitting tribute to the durability and longevity of American death metal. From it's artwork from the venerated Dan Seagrave, to its precision execution and stylized savagery, its apparent what cloth Skeletal Remains are cut from. Combined with a willingness to add to that ilk, the band's true strength becomes apparent - offering testament to their lineage, while daring to make their own contribution to the sound. 

Speaking with Knotfest. the band offered a track-by-track breakdown of Fragments of the Ageless that better detailed their creative headspace. The band shared some of their musical and pop culture influences, the impact of Dan Seagrave and how their latest record really allowed the band to level up their craft. 



We wanted to start the record off aggressively and as fierce as possible. This song is in constant motion, and not a moment is spared for the listener.   The classic 80’s slasher/cannibal horror tale! The music being equally as violent and brutal as the lyrics… the constant blast beats, razor sharp guitar riffs, diabolical vocals, and mind melting bass lines it almost feels as if though the killer himself emerges from the speakers to bludgeon you to death! I really love the guitar riffs and writing structure in this song, one of my personal favorites on the record. 


FUCK. This song is next level for the band. It’s definitely the fastest Skeletal Remains song to date. It was the first song Chris and Mike wrote for this record, right after “The Entombment Of Chaos.” I think they still had that fire from the previous release, they had good momentum going that their writing with this one just got more sophisticated. Chris is doing something different on his vocals with this track, but I think it turned out awesome. It’s a very fresh and unique vocal style for the band, and it works perfectly for this tune. 


The lyrics “no gods, no masters above” sum up the theme for this track perfectly. I feel like this is one of the more “epic” songs from the record, especially the second half of the track. It switches from more of a pummeling/thrashy feel, to all of a sudden having these vile and sinister harmonies slither into your ear canal with infectious grooves and memorable melodies. If there’s one song that captures the essence of what our record is about, I’d say this one is a strong contender. The guitar solos in this song are some of my favorite from the record, and I think everyones capabilities are on full display here.


This is the most collaborative song in the bunch, everyone had a riff written for this one. There’s a lot of different influences that formed this song but it all stemmed originally from Mike and Brian. With undeniably high energy from start to finish, there is quite a few subtle odd time signatures scattered throughout this track that I don’t think the band has done much of in the past. While we’re not making it a “prog” sounding album, I think it’s a sign of the band naturally maturing and progressing as musicians. This is one of my favorites to play, it’s just catchy and fun.


What can I say? We like Cannibal Corpse hahaha! The lyrics Mike wrote for this are awesome. They’re inspired by a “banned” episode of the X-Files that only aired one time on television and never again due to the graphic nature of the content. If you want to watch the episode it’s available on YouTube and the episode is called: “Home.” This is the most thrashy song on our record, and a nod to our influences.


Our bassist, Brian, composed this track. We wanted a “cinematic” passage for the listener as they begin the second half of the record. Brian did a great job of creating an atmospherical rendition of the world within the album art, painted by the very awesome Dan Seagrave. 


The first single for this record, it picks up right where the last record leaves off. Fast paced and explosive energy is the songs’ main focus. Lyrically, it’s inspired by sailor tales of crews getting lost at sea, and eating each other to survive. This is set in more of a modern context with our story telling the tale of an astronaut desperate and mad enough to eat his crew mates in order to survive. He is still doomed and destined to die alone in the cold depths of space. 


Is a sick band from Topeka, Kansas. As far as this song goes for our record, it’s the longest song the band has ever written. The theme here being what the Vikings were known for; ravaging villages and barbarically executing anyone that stood in their way, the music fits completely. The riffs are more mid paced, chunky, and catchy here. This is another track I get an “epic” vibe from, especially during the open chord/groove driven riff section near the end of the song. I think this also showcases Chris and Mike’s lead work very well.


Something totally different from the band, an instrumental song! This is definitely a highlight of the record in my opinion. The drum and bass groove in the beginning of the song is nothing like what the band has done with previous releases. The artwork for this record proved to be helpful for us while writing, as this track was also another inspired just from the visuals created. It’s a dark atmospherical composition, and a haunting piece to close on. It slowly creeps away and lets you out of its’ other-worldly grasp. 


Bonus track! Our tribute to the one and only Hate Eternal!

Fragments of the Ageless lands March 8th via Century Media Records. Get the album - HERE



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